Luxurious Living Room Sets To Match Any Style

You will spend more waking hours in the living room than any room in the house, so you owe it to yourself to make that time as comfortable as possible. The proper configuration of couches and chairs can turn a bland sitting room into a warm and cozy living room. Why suffer from old, beaten-down furniture you picked up over the years and look to the future of your comfortable space! There is an almost endless selection of living room sets to match any floor plan and taste. Feast your eyes – see all living room sets here: and begin living the dream today!

Unparalleled Comfort, Unbeatable Price

There is just so much to choose from Ashley and Liberty, ART, Coaster, and more; comfort and style are inseparable when choosing quality makers. Any material, color, and style you can imagine can be delivered right to your door.  Take buyer’s remorse out of the equation altogether by finding a company that offers a low price guarantee, and there is often financing available, too. So don’t waste another day on an old worn-out couch and mismatched chairs – take your home to the next level with a coordinated set of quality-made furnishings.

Castle Companies Management experts say modern homemakers have an unparalleled selection, wide enough to encompass any décor and styles to match any space: from modest loveseat and recliner combos to expansive modular units that seat the whole family. Never be afraid of hosting again when you can offer guests a seat on a new, comfortable couch and put their feet up on a matching ottoman. Live, luxuriate, and relax in style and comfort.

Transform Your Living Space

Imagine the difference a new sectional could make? Not just inviting, new cushions and perfect blemish-free exterior, but the change in flow and feel of the environment itself. Refreshing a room with a new set of furniture can bring your space back to life. So whether you’re coordinating with a remodel or making new furniture the centerpiece of a redesign, there is a living room set for you.

Take the pain out of shopping for living room sets by putting them all at your fingertips. There is no need to wander around massive warehouses, hoping they have something close to what you want these days. The world is your oyster when you shop online. Leather, linen, polyester, velvet, and beyond, in more colors and styles than you could imagine. There is no need to settle for ‘close enough’ when ‘perfect’ is just a few clicks away.

Pick the style that fits your way of life

At 1StopBedrooms, you can pick from a wide variety of interior styles to fit specific tastes, purposes, and living rhythms. You can find bedroom sets and separate furniture items composed in styles from the exclusively feeling classical and mid-century pieces brimming with a royal air to minimalistic casual sets and modern furniture equipped with some advanced features and options. What will tie your living space in the best way possible? Here’s what we have to offer:

  • Casual and standard – somewhat conservative yet practical, eye-pleasing, and convenient while furniture pieces made with taste. This is a perfect option for a domestic space that puts coziness and comfy vibes of the best place in the world – your one and only home – above all.
  • Classic and traditional – classic living room sets consist of traditional furniture pieces that serve their purpose and deliver a long-term quality of use – nothing more, nothing less. You won’t find any excessive elements and daring design turns here, but if you consider yourself a down-to-Earth person that isn’t all for the flamboyant extra, this is definitely your pick.
  • Coastal – a coastal living room set will brighten up your living room with light, soft furniture tones, unprecedented overall softness, and the ultimate coziness. These sets are truly made for people whowish to add some bungalow vibes to their home without going too far in kinky designs.
  • Contemporary – these living room sets are tuned in line with times without opting for extra futuristic or overly technological feels to them. This is, basically, your ideal choice between something too traditional and something with a touch of contemporary originality in design.
  • Cottage – this type of furniture is designed specifically to fit your summer house, adding a bit of a classical “old McDonald’s farm” feel to it. These are also plain cozy and long-term quality sets for whole families to enjoy.
  • Glamour and transitional – talk about something a bit fancy to make your living space as vivid and attention-grabbing as it is comfy and convenient in general. Glamorous sets are brimming with the 60s-70s authenticity of rock-n-roll chic without being too brisky, instead composed in more classical tones.
  • Mid-century – this category should speak for itself. If you are craving some “olden days of yore” vibes in your living space, these living room sets should make a perfect choice.
  • Modern – you can’t beat high-quality versatile modern-style furniture that is as comfortable and cozy as it is practical and customizable. These sets are ultimate functional “islands of comfort” for your living room that won’t let you go once you sink into them.
  • Old-world and vintage – the old-world style furniture is truly something out of the ordinary. These sets scream traditional royal vibes, serving both as comfy resting points and points of interest at once.
  • Outdoor – furniture sets for your back yard, front yard, or any other outdoor living space are great outdoor activity boosters that encourage kids to spend more time in the fresh air.
  • Rustic – rustic living room sets are conservative-style wooden masterpieces upholstered with leather that give off retro vibes.
  • Scandinavian – these are premium living room sets of Scandinavian designs brimming with exclusivity. There is a selection from traditional to more modern options in one category to fit any tastes and purposes.

Options, Extras, and Features

Go beyond recliners and cup-holders into the modern world of maximized convenience and comfort. Today’s contemporary home furnishings can offer much in the way of creature comforts older models couldn’t have even dream of. Many of our cutting-edge living room sets offer USB chargers, built-in massagers, and power reclining, too. We’re sure once you take a look at all the online shopping world has to offer, you’ll find something you love at a price you can’t beat.