Here’s what the Lungs of a Coronavirus Patient Look Like


This virtually-made representation of a patient who was put on a respirator shows us just how huge the damage it inflicts is– which not even the respirator can help.

The patient was transported to the George Washington University to be studied and the doctors quickly analyzed the extent of the infection. In the video, healthy tissue is depicted by the blue color, and infected tissue by the green clouds.

The difference is noticeable to everyone – this shows just how serious the situation actually is. Doctors note that the virus isn’t isolated on just one lung, but that the infection had already spread to both – that’s why the respirator was of little help.

Statistics tell us that around 80% of the infected people will only have mild symptoms and infections, while the rest will have to be hospitalized – around 6% of them in critical condition.

“It all starts with an infection that later develops into a lung inflammation which damages the tissue over time and could have long-lasting consequences”, says Dr. Mortman. “It could even irreversibly prevent patients from breathing with their full lung capacity”.

Coronavirus advances from the upper part to the lower parts of the lungs which get inflamed by pneumonia – that’s when the alveoli get flooded with fluids and pus which makes it difficult to breathe.