6 Ways to Look Slimmer (Without Losing a Pound)

Everyone wants to look their best but you don’t always the ability to lose weight before a big event—or maybe you don’t necessarily need to lose extra pounds, but instead want your clothes to look a little more flattering. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of ways that you can make yourself look slimmer without ever hitting the gym, dieting or losing a single pound. The following are 5 common ways that you can look slimmer by choosing the right kind of clothing.

Choose dark colors

As a general rule of thumb, darker colors will help you look slimmer better than light colors such as pastels. Opt for dark colors such as blacks, dark greys, dark purples, dark blues, etc., to have an instantly slimming effect. This doesn’t mean that you can’t wear lighter colors or that lighter colors can’t be slimming, but if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to look slimmer, then dark colors are definitely the best way to go.

Tailor your clothes to fit you

One of the best ways to look slimmer is to have your clothes properly tailored. A well-tailored outfit will look much more flattering, no matter your body size, thanks to the fact that tailored outfits are designed to fit properly without causing your body to look big or shapeless.  If you can, talk to the tailor about what your goals are with their service—you want your clothing to help you look slimmer and more flattering, and they will be able to tailor (no pun intended!) your tailoring towards that goal.

Wear shapewear underneath your clothes

Wearing shapewear or body shaper is one of the best ways that you can look slimmer fast, believes HauteFlair. Shapewear has the ability to smooth down your body line or even give your body a completely transformed look. There are many different types of shapewear, ranging from full-bodied shapewear that extends from under your bust to down your legs to more standard shapewear that will smooth down your stomach and upper thighs. Make sure you check online review for some of the Best shapewear for Dresses that will have you looking slimmer in no time.

Wear belts and clothing that draw in your waistline

One of the easiest ways to slim down your appearance with your clothing choices is to wear a belt or something else that will draw your clothing in at the waistline. Drawing in your clothes at the waist line will increase the illusion of a slimmer waist, which in turn will make your entire body line look slimmer. For best effect, opt for wider belts in a dark color and avoid rope or string belts that don’t add as much definition to your waistline.

Wear heels to give yourself a longer line

If you can, put on some heels to give your body line some length; looking taller will help make you look slimmer as quickly as you can put on your favorite pair of heeled shoes.

Avoid wearing full big, bold patterns

Big and bold patterns can be fun and exciting, but you’ll want to avoid wearing full—or “all over”—patterns of this type. They tend to make your body look bigger and more shapeless, which is definitely the opposite of a slimming effect! Instead, opt for solid color clothing, soft and more subtle patterns or—if you just can’t get enough of those bold patterns—choose a bold pattern on the bottom half of your outfit (such as a skirt or dress bottom) only.

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