Live Betting Guide for Canadians With No Experience in Online Gambling


Despite the fact that iGaming in Canada is not as big as in Europe, many of the world’s leading gambling platforms have opened their doors to North American players. Besides focusing on the US, they also started operating in Canada because of the many sports betting fans.

While discussing sports betting, some sites with quality products offer top-tier casino games. In fact, what we like a lot after reading the Betano review is related to the site’s features and the fact they allow us to find what we want much easier. Of course, this is only one of the available features because the platform has many others, and most of them are for sports.

Sports betting at Betano or any other leading bookie in Canada is always fun because these sites have more things than most companies that operate in other parts of the world. Yet, some features are way more advanced and popular than others, including live betting.

The latter has many fans among experienced gamblers, as well as sports bettors who don’t know what they’re doing. Sadly, most users can’t make the most out of this option, so it’s time for a detailed live betting guide that will help those without experience in iGaming.

General information about live betting

General information about live betting

Before sharing some tips and tricks that might come in handy, it is important to point out a thing or two about live betting. The first thing is that some websites in Canada and other parts of the globe call it “In-Play”, so don’t be surprised if you see this name once you start using the specific site.

Live Betting is a term that bookies use to describe the opportunity for gamblers to place bets on matches that take place in real-time. The idea of betting on ongoing events might seem strange to inexperienced bettors, but it is one of the big reasons why some bookies have become more popular than before.

There are different perks of betting on live events besides the fact that it is more interesting. For example, many sports have special markets for live betting that aren’t accessible to punters who prefer pre-match options. The odds are another different thing because most live betting markets offer odds that change all the time. Hence, those who wager on ongoing selections can have access to better odds than usual.

Another thing Live Betting is known for is for providing users with the opportunity to test some of the additional features that the bookie offers. Canadians can often experience many other options, such as the ability to watch live events.

Tip 1 – Learn more about the teams/players that are playing

Unless you have a lot of experience in online sports betting and know what you’re doing, chances are you do not know much about the teams or players you want to bet on. Despite wanting to wager on a live match, you must learn more about them to know what to expect. Start by going over the different results, as well as the H2H stats.

Once you know enough information about them, you can take a look at the live betting markets and decide what to wager on. Bookmakers like Betano will offer Canadian gamblers many things, but this doesn’t mean everything is worth using (more about it in a bit).

Tip 2 – See if there are any additional features

As mentioned earlier, Live Betting is the core thing that bookmakers use to provide many of their additional features. Live Streaming is one of them because people who use it can watch ongoing matches. However, some brands in Canada provide multiple other things.

The bad news is that not all live events will allow you to access all of the features the specific operator offers. For example, Cash Out might be available on most sites, but certain bookies will remove it on purpose for some of the events, so live bettors may not have access to it.

Tip 3 – Try out Arbitrage Betting


One of the most popular tactics used by sports bettors worldwide is called arbitrage betting. Most bookies in Canada do not allow people to do that because they consider it cheating, but if it’s done right, iGaming brands can’t catch you.

Arbitrage betting is when a sports betting fan uses several operators to bet on the same event. The idea here is to bet on markets that cover all possible outcomes of a given match. When done right, the sports bettor will win regardless of the outcome.

Arbitrage betting usually focuses on pre-match betting because it is easier. However, bettors who know what they’re doing can use it while betting on live events. Remember, arbitrage betting is not 100% safe, so it is always risky. So if you live in the UK and have gambling problems or you’re in other parts of the world, always be careful when wagering on sports or casino games.

Tip 4 – Bet on specific players

Also known as props betting, many Canadian bettors who like wagering on sports have favorite teams and players. However, bookies don’t always offer good markets for the teams, which means they can focus on individual players and their options for them.

What’s very interesting about props betting when wagering on live events is that the odds are usually substantially higher than those for pre-match betting. Even though they are risky, those who like to take more risks will find them interesting.

Keep in mind that not all individual betting markets offered by an ongoing event are worth it. Some may have exceptional odds, but they are almost impossible to predict. Hence, players have to be careful when wagering.

Tip 5 – See if live betting is compatible with the bonuses you like


If you are new to the iGaming world in Canada, you will most likely use a bookmaker that offers interesting bonuses. There are different kinds of rewards, but those who want the best possible experience usually grab proposals that add extra funds to their account.

Even though these rewards might be amazing, not all of them will be available for live betting. Some perks exclude this on purpose, so you need to check whether the reward you’re using offers such things.