Lewis Hamilton’s Amazing Two-Wheeled Collection (VIDEO)

When you are a four-time Formula One World Champion, two things are certain, you like speed, and you have a lot of money. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Lewis Hamilton spends a sizeable chunk of his cash on things that can go really fast, like motorbikes. Over the years, he has gathered quite a collection of bikes.

Unlike other celebrities that blow their money on expensive parties and other ephemeral things, Hamilton stays true to himself. And we are not talking just about motorbikes. Lewis has a collection of cars most of the people would be lucky to get a glimpse on a highway, let alone drive or own. Supercars like Ferrari 599 GTO or PaganiZonda 760 LH are just some of the models he has in his garage.

He also has ordinary bikes, as well. Well, we say ordinary, but these bikes that cost a fortune and are designed for some serious speeds, are anything but ordinary. Let’s see what Lewis Hamilton has in his two-wheeled collection.

9. BRUTALE 800 RR LH44


Lewis helped design this bike and often says that it is one of his favorites. Made by MV Agusta, it is a pinnacle of modern motorcycling technology.