5 Most Profitable Laser-Cutting Business Ideas To Try In 2021

Want to start a laser cutting business? If the answer is YES – here is a complete guide for 2021. These are the most profitable laser-cutting business ideas to try in 2021.

Laser Cutting Is A Lucrative Job

Today, many materials are used to produce various items, souvenirs, or promotional products. In this production, only innovative laser cutting can provide the highest quality machining. Of course, most of these materials, such as wood or metal – can also be processed in an old-fashioned way on a machine or a sawmill. However, the accuracy of making a certain shape and a perfectly flat surface – can only be achieved by laser cutting. Also, this method of material processing reduces waste. The laser produces cuts of the highest quality – which often do not even require grinding. Precisely for this reason, as well as due to its wide application in various industries – precision laser cutting is today considered a very lucrative business that brings profit. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more people are considering starting a private business with laser cutting.

Laser Cutting Business Ideas That Can Bring You Profit


So, as we can see, the laser cutting business can be very lucrative. Of course, you must have a plan before you start. Namely, a laser cutter can realize your many business ideas – and if you are already thinking about it – you should know in advance what type of product or material you would focus on in your business. Therefore, try to visualize your production type before you embark on this business. Certainly, in 2021, with the development of this technology – the application of laser cutters in entrepreneurship is becoming more and more widespread. Here are some ideas that might help you when it comes to a profitable laser-cutting business.

1. Wood Products

Today, laser technology in the wood industry is very lucrative because it has a very wide application – from furniture production to other things made out of wood. According to, for things like this, you need laser cutters, but also a cnc wood router. Using machines like this, you can cut and engrave toys, make art objects, or various types of souvenirs, jewelry, gift boxes, architectural models, etc. In the laser woodworking industry, the focus can also be put on customized options. Some types of machines can process different kinds of wood in order to create the image or shape that you would like – and then can cut it in different thickness ranges.

2. Personalized Book Covers

The design of the book cover should creatively present the content of the book – or the person for whom it is intended. Thicker cardboard and various types of cover finishing, such as embossing, etc. – can contribute to the complete impression of the book and thus affect the potential buyer. If you have clients who are interested in personalized books such as photo albums or personalized wedding books, etc. – then this is an ideal choice of products that you can make.

3. Manufacture Of Leather Products

Laser technology is widely used in the leather and footwear – as well as in textile industries. The advantage of this technology is reflected in the high speed of cutting but also engraving different types of leather – with extreme precision, high efficiency, and without deformation. Together with the embroidery machine, it can provide you with the opportunity to create and realize the most creative ideas – such as various types of applications, emblems, engraving, and cutting of leather, etc.

4. Laser Glass Engraving

Laser technology in engraving products made out of glass creates a beautiful matte effect. Photographs, letters, logos, and various other things might be a good choice when it comes to the engraving business. You can apply this technology to various objects – such as glasses, bottles, or mirrors. You can manufacture personalized gifts which are highly-priced and unforgettable – and that type of engraved gifts are unique for various occasions. For engraving complex glass shapes like cups or bottles – a rotary engraving device is usually used. That type of device allows cylindrical objects to be engraved with the entire surface in a circle. Laser cutting of the glass itself is not possible.

5. Laser Stone Cutting


This is a very lucrative business idea because you can use it if you are dealing with – for example, cutting ceramic tiles. Also, if you have a stone-cutting shop – this is a technology that can be extremely cost-effective for you. Just imagine how much work funeral homes have. Today, most of them turn to buy laser cutters in order to make stone plates or tombstones. Such machines are also used for other purposes – for example when making customized kitchens. You can cut wood for kitchen elements – but also granite panels for the kitchen tops.

The main advantage of laser cutting is precision and the possibility of obtaining irregular external shapes – but also smooth and shiny edges. Today, everything is subject to almost complete automation – so it is not surprising that the use of laser cutting machines is becoming more widespread. Thanks to advanced technologies, you can download files directly from clients – or create programs according to the specific requirements of your customers. The experience of most people who started this business – says that the business of laser cutting is a guarantee of quality to your future customers. On the other hand, modern machines offer efficiency and fast delivery.


As we can see, laser cutting is applicable in various spheres – and as such, it is a good starting point for starting your own business. This business indeed requires investing in machines – but if you have an entrepreneur spirit, this investment will pay off many times over. Some of you may be concerned about competition in the market. That’s right – the competition is fierce. However, as the need for this type of service grows day by day spreading to many industries, you don’t have to worry much. There is enough work for everyone – especially if you stand out from the competition with your business ideas. We hope that some of our ideas can serve you – at least as an inspiration for some of your future projects.

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