Everything You Need to Know About Laser Cleaning Machines

Laser cleaning machines are transforming the industrial scene by providing great alternatives to traditional cleaning systems and methods such as abrasive blasting and cleaning using chemicals. These machines offer a new generation of high-tech surface treatment options which are affordable to purchase, easy to install, fairly easy to operate and quite simple to automate. Whether you’re looking at cleaning paint, rust, coating or oxide, laser machines are capable of removing these contaminants without any damages to the surface being cleaned. Read on and find more information about laser cleaning machine.

What is a Laser Cleaning Machine?

A laser cleaning machine is a machine that uses light beam as a tool to vaporize dust, rust or other particles without damaging the work piece being cleaned or its surface. Laser machine works using a cleaning technology that involves sending nanosecond pulses of laser light towards the surface being cleaned. When the laser light comes into contact with contaminants that absorb this light, these coating particles or contaminants have two options; they either turn to a gaseous form or free from the surface due to the pressure applied.

Laser cleaning machine uses ablation process when cleaning. The main applications of the machine are the following;

  • Preparation of surfaces for bonding or joining processes.
  • Removing costings, dust, paint, phosphate layers and other residuals from the surfaces.
  • Cleaning die cast dies.

To perform these functions, a laser machine consists of three major equipment pieces – a 2D scanner, a solid-state source of laser (e.g. a fiber laser) and a unit for fume extraction. The fume extraction unit is important because it is involved in vacuuming the materials that are removed during the laser cleaning procedure.

Benefits of Laser Cleaning Machines

In many circumstances, it is usually normal to think of cleaning as a process that involves detergents, fluid and abrasion. With laser cleaning machines, an opportunity to move from and complement the traditional cleaning methods is presented. Now, you can use a beam of light to clean a surface. As a contact-less cleaning process, laser cleaning provides a low maintenance cleaning method perfect for all industrial cleaning needs.

In addition to providing a perfect non-contact cleaning method for surfaces and use in an industrial setup, a lase cleaning machine comes loaded with many other benefits. Some of these benefits include the following;

  • Easy and safe to operate.
  • Simple to automate and reliable.
  • Does not produce noise (quiet).
  • Has low operating costs.
  • Requires low maintenance.
  • It is energy efficient.
  • It is friendly to the environment.
  • Offers ability to target specific surfaces and leaving other untouched.
  • Does not require drying because no fluids or detergents are used.
  • The process is perfect for use within a well-defined workspace.

In this way, laser cleaning machines provide more flexible cleaning methods compared to washing or other traditional cleaning methods. This is especially because the machines provide the ability to adjust power and laser beam geometry specifications. Depending on the properties and materials it is possible to adjust thigs such as power and pulse duration for best performance.

Types of Laser Cleaning Machines

There are 5 types of laser cleaning machines. These include the following;

  1. Hand-held laser cleaning machines – workstations on wheels.
  2. Manually loaded laser cleaning machines or workstations – require operators to load parts into the machine.
  3. Conveyor laser cleaning machines – installed directly on conveyors for automation.
  4. Robot laser cleaning machines – mounted on robots.
  5. OEM laser cleaning systems – OEM devices integrated into custom solutions.

Choosing the right laser machine is important because this cleaning technology is highly versatile for operations in an industrial setup. To choose the best machine, consider laser power it provides, laser safety, and fume extraction for the safety of the workers.


Laser cleaning technology is increasingly making its way as a perfect alternative for traditional cleaning methods and processes. For those manufacturers in need of cleaning metal surfaces, laser machines are a must-have. They are more efficient, cost-friendly, and produces consistent results. Now, you can rest easy because you have everything you need to know about laser cleaning machine.