Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak Relationship


In the world of social media, not much is hidden behind curtains. Many celebrity couples make their relationships public via any social media application. Similar to other power couples, Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak’s relationship is also one that has been brought to our attention via the celebrity’s social media accounts.

These two have been in an on-and-off relationship for quite some time now. Their relationship started in 2019, and in the span of all these years, they have taken many breaks from each other, which raises the question as well as everyone’s curiosity about the current status of the relationship. I have shared all the information that I possess about the two in the article below.

Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak Relationship?

Start Of Relationship

Lana Rhoades is a film actress who also has her own YouTube channel. On the other hand, Mike Majlak is a co-host of the Logan Paul’s podcast. Lana Rhoades started her career from being a pornstar, then she started her film career with the movie Lana, which was released in 2017. In all these years of her career, Rhoades has dated many men, and her recent relationship revolved around Mike Majlak. Like many other relationships, these days, Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak also made their relationship public when they started seeing each other.

The two started dating near the end of 2019, according to sources, however, their final breakup was in 2021, when they parted ways for good. In the span of these years, these two have called quits on their relationship more times than we can count. They first started dating by the end of 2019, and at the start of 2020, they were ready to buy a house together. When two celebrities are buying a house together, it is a clear indication that they are going to live together, meaning they are taking the relationship to the next level.

However, that was not the case for these two. Instead of taking a step forward, the decision to buy a house together, pushed these two a step back into their relationship. After their initial breakup, they got together again and made their relationship public once more. At this point, we all thought they were back together for good, but much to our dismay, the two called it quits again in October 2020. In October 2020, they had yet another breakup, which led to them living separately.

But we were surprised to see that even after the breakup, Lana Rhoades kept religiously following every vlog of Mike Majlak on YouTube, which raised questions if she was reconsidering her decision about the breakup and wanted to get back together with Mike. We did not have to wait for long, as they got back together soon after that. We do not have to look under rocks and pebbles to get information about these two, as, like other celebrity power couples, these two are very open about their relationship status.

However, after getting back together in October, that was not the final news regarding the two celebrities. They broke up for good in February 2021. The last breakup was the final breakup of the two celebrities, as after splitting up in February, none have tried to get back together with the other. However, for months we had no idea exactly what had happened between the two that they ended their relationship for good. We did not have to wait for long, as Lana made a public statement about her relationship in April 2021.

Final Breakup

After being in an on-and-off relationship for more than a year, Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak finally called it quits in February 2021. After their breakup in 2020, and getting back together soon after, we thought the two would be together for the long term now, but that was not the case. They called it quits and ended their relationship 4 months after getting back together. After the first month of break, the two had remained quite tight-lipped regarding why they broke up, which piqued everyone’s interest.

However, the silence was broken from Lana’s end when she made an appearance on the BFF Podcast with Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy. In the podcast, Lana shared that Mike had shown interest in living together with her. She made clear that Mike had stated to her that he wanted to move in with her. But, when she was making plans about living together, Mike broke up with her the same day that he was supposed to move in with her.

The two had bought a house together in January 2020, and they were going to live together in it when Mike decided to break up with her on the day of the move. She further shared in the podcast that just when they were mending their relationship after getting back together again, they decided to move in together once again. However, history repeated itself, and once again their plans to live together did not see it to the end as they broke up once again.

Lana stated that right when the second time they were going to move in together, Mike told her that he had other plans. Frustrated by the pace of their relationship, Lana stated that this time, she was the one who ended the relationship. However, according to Mike’s statements, the breakup was mutually decided by the two.

Moreover, Lana also shared in the podcast that Mike’s obsession with Grand Theft Auto was one of the major reasons behind their final breakup. She said that he would often hit on the women in the Role Playing servers. According to our sources, Mike was also inappropriate to women in real life as well.


The on and off relationship of Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak was brought to an end in February 2021 when Lana finally ended the relationship. Before this, the two had gotten together and taken a break several times. But after this breakup, there has not been any news of the two getting back together, so I guess, it is over for good this time. For more information check Gatherxp.