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Kristy Althaus-Miss Colorado Teen USA 2012

The Teen USA title for any state is a prestigious one, and for the winners or even the runner-ups, it could be something that could set them up for life, allowing it to serve as a platform from where they can gain recognition and eventually go on to do bigger things. However, the same cannot be said for Kristy Althaus, the runner-up to the 2012 Miss Colorado Teen USA. Like many other women of her age, Kristy wanted fame and recognition, and owing to her good looks, she decided that she was going to take part in the competition.

And, despite ending up as the second to the winner, her title was taken away from her. She was involved in a po*n scandal, and this meant that the title was taken away from her. In such beauty pageants, this is not a rare thing, but Althaus’ scandal received a considerable amount of attention, and it wasn’t long before her face was plastered all over social media and other news networks.

Early Life

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But, before we get to the pageant, it is important to talk about Althaus herself. She was born in Colorado on the 2nd of May in 1994. She is incredibly secretive about her life and chooses not to disclose details about her parents or her siblings. Very little information is known about her childhood as well.

But, she was in college when she decided to take part in the Miss Colorado Teen USA 2012 competition. She was a promising student and many of her teachers believed that she would go on to do big things. She ended up as the runner-up, landing behind Jacqueline Zuccherino. In a public interview that she did after the results were announced, Kristy stated that she was ready to step up and play her part in case the winner failed to take up her duties.

This usually happens in case the winner fails to accomplish their duties or does something unflattering that catches the eye of the media or does not go along with the ethos of the contest itself. However, despite her runner-up title, her success was short-lived.

The Video



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Almost a year after her win, in 2013, a video surfaced on the internet. The lady in the video was Kristy Althaus, and it was a po*n shoot. In the po*n clip, Kristy specified that she was 18 years of age and that it was her first po*n video. In the po*n clip, Kristy is seated on what looks like a hotel bed and faces with a smile towards the camera. A male voice behind her asks her age, and she replies.

The video spread like wildlife on the Internet, and it wasn’t long before the promoters of the pageant contest, Future Productions, took notice. Her name was removed from the Official Results page of their website, and the video in which she was announced as the runner-up was also deleted.

The promoters never really made an official statement declaring that they had stripped Kristy of her title, but all references to her were removed once the video emerged. A local media outlet, known as Gawker, then approached her for clarification. It still remains unconfirmed if Kristy was the person in that video, but when she was approached by the media outlet, she ended up deleting her Twitter account.

Since evidence of the video was released, neither the promoters nor Kristy have made any official statement acknowledging the scandal. However, there were two schools of thought that were chiming in. Some argue that in the eyes of the law, Kristy did nothing wrong. However, another group believes that she was guilty of compromising on her morality.

On the official website of the Miss Teen USA pageant, the only guideline related to official moral standards which make a person eligible for the competition state that the contestants must not have married nor should have a child, and are supposed to stay single for as long as they remain the holder of the title (which is usually relinquished the very next year to another winner). This shows that the young lady in the video, even if it was Kristy, did nothing outside of the standards mentioned in the guidelines.



However, a few months after the brouhaha had gone down and Future Productions had removed all references to Kristy as the runner-up, she decided to take a bold step in her career. Kristy decided to make a name for herself in the adult entertainment business and decided to work full-time.

On a po*n website known as Girls Do Po*n, she released her next video, showing a girl who bore a striking resemblance to her. The site focused on amateur girls looking to make a name in the industry, which further lent credence to the fact that it was her playing the role only. She made a couple of other videos, one involving a threesome with two men, which were quite popular online and helped her make quite a bit of money. It’s believed that her net worth is somewhere in the region of $500,000, owing to the money that she made from her beauty pageants and the po*n movies that she did.

Personal Life

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Since the release of her po*n movies, she has become even more popular amongst her fans. She has been linked to dating Derek Wolfe, a professional football player for the Denver Broncos at one point in time. When her po*n video was released, Derek stood by her and also proclaimed his love and devotion to her on his social media. However, after discovering that Kristy was going to pursue po*n as a full-time career, the couple decided to call it quits. Soon after, Derek also deleted all of his social media accounts.

Kristy Althaus made quite a name for herself through the release of her po*n videos. She is currently trying to promote herself on the popular media-sharing app Snapchat with her premium Snap account as of October 2019.