Knightfall Season 2 Trailer Shows Mark Hamill as a Knight Templar

While are all eager to see the trailer for the ‘Star Wars: Episode IX,’ but until that happens, we will get a chance to enjoy season 2 of ‘Knightfall.’ The trailer for ‘Knightfall’ has recently been released and it shows Mark Himmel.

Mark was probably tired of fans asking for the trailer for ‘Star Wars: Episode IX,’ and he offered the perfect response. He posted a picture of his own trailer, which was taken during the filming for ‘The Last Jedi.’ They have named him to be the ‘Master Hamster.’ The 67-year-old actor definitely trolled his fans and he undoubtedly has a great sense of humor.

Nevertheless, while we all wait to see Mark as Luke Skywalker, we will be able to see him finding another armor far from the ‘Star Wars’ galaxy. In fact, he will be a Templar Master in History Channel’s ‘Knightfall’ season 2. The new season of ‘Knightfall’ will premiere on March 25 and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Mark Himmel will play the role of Talus, a grizzled wise master. Talus trains the protagonist Landry du Lauzon as he seeks redemption for the sin of sleeping with King Philip IV of France’s wife, Queen Joan. We have seen an in-depth insight into his character and it looks like this is yet another great performance of the outstanding actor.

‘Knightfall’ season 2 will feature 8 installments and will be all about the Knights Templar’s fight for survival in 14th century France. This season is expected to be more exciting and brutal than the first one. We will face much more clandestine affairs, intrigue and heavily invested politics in season 2.

Even though Mark plays a knight again, there are no many similarities between Talus and Luke Skywalker. The only thing that they’ll have in common is that they both wield swords. In a recent interview, Mark Himmel said:

George Lucas had so many influences, and certainly, knights were something he modeled his characters after. When I first read the script for Star Wars, I thought, oh my gosh, this is like a Western, a WWII movie, it’s swashbuckling, it’s like pirate movies. It’s all these genres mixed up so that everything old is new again. He was definitely influenced by that sense of purpose and valor and doing the right thing for a great cause, there’s no question about it. Other than that, I don’t see a lot of similarities between Luke and Talus.’

What’s very interesting is the fact that Mark hasn’t heard about ‘Knightfall’ before being sent to the screens. However, he shouldn’t be blamed as at his age, he considers a day spend in pajamas a success. Nevertheless, he started watching the drama series and got hooked on it. He found the series very gripping and gritty and found himself transported into another time and another place.

So, after just 20 minutes of watching, he was convinced that he has to do it. Plus, this isn’t something he usually does, working with British cast is a rarity for him. Thus, he took on the role and created a new to-be-remembered knight.

Moreover, Mark did his best to look like Talus. Hence, he spent an hour of make-up every day and had plenty to do to bring about that physical transformation. We will definitely enjoy his role in the show which will air on the History Channel March 25 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.