7 Cool Kitchen Tools and Gadgets You Need in 2021

Food means much more to us, and it has a far important role in our lives than just being something we eat to stay alive, as everyone on this planet has their favorite meal. We all have that special treat we prepare or order for ourselves, either as a reward for some accomplishment or when we feel sad. We also know how our parents, and particularly grandparents, have some secret ingredient for their one-of-a-kind sauce, for example, or a unique food they prepare only on specific dates when the whole family and relatives gather around to celebrate that special holiday together.

No matter the reason, we all cherish these moments, as even the food tastes better when we eat it with those we care the most about, which is why the kitchen is much more than just a place where we prepare food. It is also a place where we spend time with our family, and it’s full of stories and memories. As for the kitchen gadgets, it all gets even more enhanced as there literally are tools for whatever you may need in the kitchen. Some of these devices and gadgets will make your life, cooking-wise, much easier, but others are much likely to only make cooking more challenging. The list of these helpful tools expands every year, which is why we tried to make your job easier, as we created the list of the kitchen gadgets you simply need to have in 2021.

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer

One of the perfect ways to extend the life of some food is to vacuum it and put it into the freezer. Once you put the meat into a vacuum bag and put it into a freezer, it can last for about three years, which is much longer than if you freeze it normally. Besides storing food, this vacuum sealer is perfect for those who love to experiment with new cooking techniques in the kitchen because it allows us to prepare delicious meals using the sous-vide technique, which implies vacuuming meat with seasonings and boiling it in water.

Popcorn maker


Hold on, as this is not any typical popcorn maker you can find almost anywhere, either online or at some shop. These new brands bring back the retro aspect of popcorn makers, which is excellent news for everyone who likes to organize movie nights. The overall looks of these old-fashioned popcorn makers are really going to take you back in time, but what’s even more important, this gadget is also pretty easy to use and clean. Even more, one doesn’t even have to place it in the kitchen, as you can pop popcorn while watching the movie, so there is no need to hit that pause button and make some more. Overall, it will just add up to the full cinema experience.

Home-X microwave cleaner


We all know how difficult it can be to clean the microwave and remove all splatters, but Home-X created a perfect solution. Their microwave cleaner has a unique look, and it looks like an angry lady, so they named it simply – Angry Mama. It makes our job much simpler, and all we need to do is fill the cleaner with water and vinegar, put it into the microwave, and turn it on. After seven minutes, Angry Mama will finish their job, and we will have a perfectly clean microwave without any splatter and any effort.

ENJOYPRO Measuring spoons


Sometimes it can be pretty difficult to measure all the ingredients precisely, especially when it comes to measuring by spoons because not all of them are of the same size. This set of six measuring spoons is a perfect tool if we want to be sure that we added a perfect measure of ingredients, no matter which meal we prepare. ENJOYPRO thought about the shape too, and because these spoons are narrow, they can easily fit even in the smallest spice jars. You can visit here for more information.

OXO Baker’s Dusting Wand

Many of us have difficulties when it comes to baking a perfect cake and decorating it, especially if it needs to be sprinkled with sugar or cocoa. In most cases, it is much easier to bake cookies or cake than to decorate them because it is not easy to sprinkle sugar or cocoa evenly. Luckily with this tool, we can do it like professionals or even fairies since it really looks like a magic wand. The usage of this tool is simple, and it does not require a lot of space for storing, nor is it too expensive, so it is something that every kitchen needs.

YUESHICO Watermelon slicer

Cutting the watermelon can be a boring and difficult job, so a little help is always welcome. With this slicer made of stainless steel, we can do it in a few minutes and enjoy perfectly portioned pieces of watermelon, and there is no need to worry about rusting. The usage is simple since all we need is to roll the slicer through the watermelon, and because it has plastic edges, it is safe even for children. Using this gadget in the kitchen will not only save us time because we will finish cutting the watermelon quickly, and it will also save us from cleaning after the job is done.

Wine opener

As everything else tech-wise advanced, so did the wine openers. Remember how the old ones where you had to put some effort in it cause more trouble than gain, especially for those who didn’t use them that often? Well, you can forget about those times, as with this new electric wine opener, not only that it will open a bottle of wine in no time, you can even bring it along wherever you go as it is cordless and works on batteries. It may not be the most practical and a gadget that you will necessarily use every day, but it found its place on our list just because we know how the old ones made our life miserable.

Final thoughts

We tried to pick only those from which you will have the most benefits, but, as we all know, there will always be some new kitchen gadget or tool that we don’t have but simply “must own.” Luckily, for all of us foodies, who really enjoy spending time preparing food, the offer of these gadgets is vast, and we can even order anything we may want or need by simply visiting some renowned websites from this branch like