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It is less well known that the real name of Kirk Douglas is Issur Danielovitch, and he has Jewish ancestors. Kirk Douglas was the most popular Hollywood star during the ’50s and ’60s. He was a famous actor, film producer and author who died at the age of 103 on February 5, 2020. You have probably have watched one of his movies, or you know about his famous son, Michael Douglas.

Early Life

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He was born on December 9, 1916, and raised in Amsterdam, New York, and his parents’ name is Bryna and Herschel Danielovitch, and they were both Jewish immigrants. At an early age, he sells snacks and newspapers to support his family. He even went to college with the help of a loan and has worked more than 40 different jobs before acting career. Kirk was serving in the US Navy from 1941 to 1944, during World War II, and after the war, his career as an actor was starting. He was hired first for radio and television commercials which later lead him to act business and film industry.

He was very shy, but he realized on time that he must overcome that if he wants to become the best actor of that time, so he went on Broadway to play in the Three Sisters. Even though his eight movies, called Champion, was a huge success, he went to the theatre to improve his acting skills.


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The list of his successful movies is long, but these are some of them; Out of the Past (1947), Champion (1949), Ace in the Hole (1951), The Bad and the Beautiful (1952), 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954), Lust for Life (1956), Paths of Glory ( 1957), Gunfight at the OK Corral (1957), The Vikings (1958), Spartacus (1960), Lonely Are the Brave (1962), Seven Days in May (1964), The Heroes of Telemark (1965), Saturn 3 (1980), Tough Guys (1986) ), and Greedy (1993).

He made a Bryna Production, his film production company, named after his mother. From 1955 to 1986 Bryna Production was the part of the 19 successful movies. The biggest film ever produced here was popular Spartacus, with Dalton Trumbo, a screenwriter. The other famous movies made here were Paths of Glory, and Last Train from Gun Hill.

Early Life

You probably heard about his popular and world-known son, Michael Douglas, who is also a highly-paid Hollywood actor, producer, and author. Kirk Douglas has six sisters.

Net Worth

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In 2020, the net worth of this prosperous actor, is estimated at $ 60 million, and this amount of money just show to us how much leading actors can earn just in one year today, and that in the ’50s and ’60s the acting job was not so highly paid. All of his income is from acting and producing, and $ 40 million he and his wife gave up to charity, to Harry’s Haven, an Alzheimer’s treatment facility in Woodland Hills, California, and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

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