Kim Kardashian West Donated $1 Million to help the Victims of Coronavirus


Kim Kardashian West has joined the countless other celebrities, including her sister, in giving a huge amount of money to help beat the coronavirus pandemic.

Kardashian just announced her SKIMS shapewear would be helping mothers and children in need at this horrible time with a $1 million donation. She added that the money would specifically benefit families that are affected by COVID-19.

Kim says in order to bring relief to those who were hit hardest by this pandemic, SKIMS will be restocking its original collection Monday, and a cool mil in proceeds will be donated.

Her announcement comes just a day after her sister Kylie Jenner gave a million-dollar donation for coronavirus relief efforts.

Her contribution will go toward the production of face masks and other protective gear that healthcare workers need.

Other celebrities who are helping big time for various charities and causes are Drew Brees, Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Taylor, Ryan Reynolds, and so many others.