Kim Kardashian Helped Free 17 New Prisoners

Kim Kardashian West works hard towards prison reform and has collaborated with the legal team by funding to free 17 people who were imprisoned for nonviolent drug offenses. This is a part of the 90 Days of Freedom campaign, which is a nonprofit law firm.

The two lawyers, Brittany K. Barnett and MiAngel Cody, helped Kim in her attempt to commute other sentences, such as Alice Johnson and Jeffrey Stringer.

Brittany co-founded the Buried Alive Project, and Cody founded The Decarceration Collective.

Both of these groups fight to free inmates who are facing long sentences for low-level drug offenses.

Three months ago, they teamed up to create the 90 Days of Freedom Campaign, and Kim offered to fund it.

It was reported in 2016 that 450,345 incarcerated people in the U.S. were serving sentences due to drug offenses, which is more than 1tentimes the number of people in the U.S. incarcerated for those crimes in 1980.

Their collaboration happened after President Donald Trump signed the First Step Act, aiming to give inmates with good behavior, the opportunity to shorten their sentences.

Kim met with Trump in September to discuss prison reform.

That helped the lawyers release 17 people who were reportedly eligible “for that sort of narrow provision that allowed them to go back into the courts,” Cody said.

The people who were freed are Eric Balcom, who served 16 years of a life sentence, Terrence Byrd, who served 25 years,  and Jamelle Carraway, who served 11 years of a life sentence.