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Kia Habaniro – the greatest addition to Kia family

Everyone has been expecting the upcoming New York Auto Show since it would see the presentation of various new vehicles. To being with, it is planned for Hyundai to present Venue, a crossover, during this event. Furthermore, Kia has also announced to present its own crossover which is intentionally constructed for the Indian market. Apart from this, Genesis would be also presented and it would be available in the USA as well. When we are speaking about Kia, we should also mention that the presentation of Habaniro concept has been announced.


It should be mentioned that the newest concept has a somewhat similar design to the Kia Niro. Many people claim that the name Habaniro is actually the version of this name and that the car would have somewhat similar features design and features as Niro. On the other hand, there are substantial differences between the two models.

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As far as we could see from the latest photos, there would be a completely new nose grill included on the barricade front end. Furthermore, the manufacturer seems to have opted for a brace that would be stylized and it would also serve as a connector to fenders over the skid plate. It should be also noted that the manufacturer has also opted for the usage of the LED technology which would be used for headlights and taillights.


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Even though Niro has four doors, Habaniro has been created as a model that would have two doors and a trunk door. The doors handles would be flush ones. The glass has been designed in such a way to provide a very sleek look and there is the addition of the red color element at the back of the unit which just makes it seem even more powerful. The overall design seems to be somewhat aerodynamic and very modern and powerful. It has also been noticed that there are no side mirrors included, but there are still not any information about what is happening with that part.


It has been announced that Kia was busy in the previous period and that it would have several models to present during the mentioned show. Apart from Habaniro, there would also be Tusker as well as new versions of Sportage, Niro, and Soul.