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Kelechi Okereke, A Cutting Edge Expert on What’s Trending in the UK

Kelechi Okereke, a frontman for Bloc Party, has recently collaborated on a new play called “Leave to Remain”, which focuses on two young adults and them spending their lives together.

The play uses Kele’s music and Matt Jones’s playwriting and screenwriting to show us how a young couple, Obi and Alex, have to hurdle obstacles in order to be happy.  Many people think that Obi’s role is quite similar to Kelechi Okereke’s live- or at least some parts. Namely, both Kele and Obi are Londoners from Nigerian heritage, and both turn to the same orientation. When asked whether the play is semi-autobiographical, he jokes and tells us that he doesn’t think so.

Apart from his descent, a few more parallels can be found. Both Kelechi Okereke and Obi have family issues, and they both come from a religious Christian family, as well as, both have troubles with their families due to their orientation.

The Bloc Party frontman has been very open about his orientation, he even has a boyfriend for more than 10 years now, and he also has a daughter. Kele is a very popular figure in the UK and he certainly knows that. He became a father though means of surrogacy while in the US. He frequently tells media outlets that he is very proud to have made that decision and that he will teach his daughter never to have to justify anything, often saying that there are many people who don’t understand his orientation.

His openness and his orientation have urged people to not feel ashamed about who they are and what they are. Often, he says how he feels lucky to feel this way in the 21st century, as opposed to the 60s’, 70s’, 80s’, and 90s’. He has mentioned one time where he and his partner were watching a show about a scandal in the 70s’, and how lucky they feel about their orientation in today’s time, often saying that there are those who question them, but there are more people who support them in their choice.

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Kelechi Okereke is very aware of how people feel about their orientation, and he urges them to feel proud of who they are. There are many conservative thinking’s in our society, but this singer doesn’t share those same views as some.  Being open about your orientation should give you the freedom to express yourself, not feel ashamed about it. Although he doesn’t publicly brag about it, and he doesn’t open subject on it, Kele is proud of who and what he is, and so should everyone else.

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