Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Children Won’t Be Attending the Summer School

The royal couple has decided that 5-year-old Princess Charlotte and 6-year-old Prince George won’t be attending private school Thomas in Battersea during the summer. The school has announced that it will follow the government’s suggestions of reopening. Only some year groups are expected to return to the classes – Charlotte belongs to one of those groups, while prince George doesn’t. Their parents do not want to separate the children, so the Prince and Princess will be returning to the classroom at the same time when the conditions for a normal school program are met.

Kate Middleton has talked about the difficulties of home-schooling. She noted how her son wants to be doing his younger sister’s projects instead of his, and that it is tough keeping up with everything. Kate was asked about how they keep in contact with the rest of their family- she expressed that they have all been Facetiming during the coronavirus crisis, and she even noticed that they have been in contact a lot more than before. The only problem is explaining the situation to the confused kids, but Kate says that their school has done a lot for them.