Kanye West is Officially a Billionaire

You must remember a popular quiz that had the name “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”. According to the official information from Forbes, we can say that Kanye West is above this level. As of recently, we have a new billionaire in the world. We are talking about Kanye West. You heard that right. Forbes states that popular rapper has achieved a level of a billionaire. The reason is the new product of Adidas basketball shoes that bear his name. At the same time, the Forbes talks that West has this amount of money on him at this moment.

When we are talking about exact numbers, Kim’s husband’s estimated net worth is $1.3 billion. Furthermore, we can see that the newest basketball shoes that have his name are sold by $200 a pair in the US and in the rest of the world. Kanye West is the second rapper that found himself in Forbes’ list of billionaires after Beyoncé’s husband, Jay-Z. Just to remind you, a co-owner of Brooklyn Nets made this list back in 2019. We could see that Kim Kardashian is excited for her husband because she posted an image of him on her Instagram account. In the description, she wrote “GQ Genius”.

Maybe this is a good time to remind all of you that it wasn’t always easy for a popular rapper. Back in the day, he had problems with alcoholism. He was open about his problems and several times he referred to it as the biggest problem in his life. He called himself a functioning alcoholic because he was able to do all of the day’s work. However, every morning he used to drink vodka with orange juice. He stated that the Hollywood way of life was the main reason he started drinking in the first place.

You are probably aware that he is married to a social media star, reality tv star, and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian and that they have four kids, Chicago West, Psalm West, North West, and Saint West.