Justin Bieber Shares Strong Words For His Baby Sister

This Thursday, Justin Bieber shared a photo with his baby half-sister Bay Bieber, along with a message for her. Bay is the 20-month-old daughter of Justin’s father Jeremy and his wife Chelsey Bieber. The photo Justin posted on his Instagram features him and his baby sister, both wearing beanies and snuggling together. He captioned the photo with words of encouragement, saying that Bay will certainly grow into a powerful, kind and compassionate woman – the one she is destined to become and that he is excited to be there for here every step of the way.

The same day, his other half-sister, 11-year-old Jazmyn Bieber posted a pic of Justin and her in the studio, where he gave her some directions for her career in music.

Justin makes it a point to feature his sibling on his social media. In his recent duet with Ariana Grande, “Stuck with U”, they made a cameo during his verse. The video features Jazmyn, Bay and their siblings dancing to the beat, along with Hailey, Justin’s wife.

To continue with the theme of showcasing family and partners, Ariana’s boyfriend Dalton Gomez also made an appearance, which certainly did not come as a surprise to her fans, but merely a confirmation of a relationship between them. There were rumors circling in March of this year that the pair was social distancing together, and it came from the source close to them. The source also said that they ran in the same circles, with Dalton’s former career as a dancer so it wasn’t a shock when they started dating, seeing as they’ve had a lot of bonding time, especially during the quarantine.