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Jordan Smith Net Worth 2021 – The Star Is Born

Jordan is one of the most popular singers in the USA who became famous after he took part in the musical competition called The Voice. He took part in it in 2015 and he won the hearts not only of the audience but of the managers as well. We should also mention that he was a member of a group that is called Lee Singers. He has been very busy and kept recording. This resulted in a lot of singles he has released and he has released even two studio albums. As we have already said, he became famous when he appeared in The Voice in 2015. This has been the ninth season of this show and Jordan Smith was the one who won it then.

Personal life

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He has been born on the 4th November in 1993 in Whitley County, in Kentucky, the USA. He has been born as Jordan Mackenzie Smith. His mother’s name is Kelli Smith and his father’s name is Geri Smith. He spent his childhood in Wallins Creek that was also located n Kentucky. We should mention that his love for music came from his parents who are both engaged in music. Furthermore, he showed his great voice in a church where he sang in a choir when he was very young. His participation in The Voice was not the only one show he took part in. he also competed at Poe Sallet Festival in 2012 and he has also won there by winning the main prize called Poke Sallet Idol.


He attended and finished Harlan County High School. After finishing this high school, he decided to move out of his hometown and to enroll at a university. He decided that he would like to move to Cleveland and to study at Lee University that was located in Tennessee. This was the time when he started to sing more seriously and he became a member of a group called Lee University Singers.


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We should also mention that he married at a young age. More precisely, he married in 2016 to his long-time girlfriend called Kristen Denny.

Career – The Voice

In 2015 he decided to try himself in a musical contest show that is called The Voice and show everyone how good he is. It should be added that his performance was stunning and the four judges were impressed by his singing skills. In the end, he became a member of the team that was led by Adam Levine. During his performance, he decides to sing a song called Great Is Thy Faithfulness. His performance was marvelous and his performance of the song became an instant hit. Furthermore, it was the first song on the iTunes Store in terms of the sales. When he got to the semi-finals, he decided to perform a song called Somebody to Love that is originally performed by The Queen. The sone was No. 1 in selling on iTunes. He reached the finals of this show and decided to perform Mary, Did You Know, which also became an iTunes hit. Apart from this one, he decided to sing Without You, David Guetta’s song, in the finals as well. When he won The Voice he was also given the contract with the label called Republic Records.

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2016 saw the birth of his first album entitled Something Beautiful. He was very busy and made the second one same year in October under the title Tis the Season. Apart from the albums, he also made a couple of singles, the first one in 2016 was Stand in the Light. Some of the most famous songs that are included in his albums are Amazing Grace, You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch, Over the Rainbow, You Are So Beautiful, And So It Goes, What Now, Ain’t Got Far to Go etc. he even compiled his performances in The Voice and made them into an album.

Net worth

As of 2021, his net worth in over 2 million USD. We should add that he got 100K USD when he won The Voice in 2015. Also, he made a lot of cash from his albums and his songs that have been sold a lot.