The Job Sector of Renewable Industries

Unemployment can be stressful and a lot at times. If you have faced unemployment ever before then, you may be able to agree or relate. In the USA, the unemployment rate ranged from a percentage of 4.6 to 6.7 during January 2021 and to October 2021. This may seem like a smaller number, but it is a significant percentage of the population. While one individual may be unemployed, the consequences of stress are felt by that one and the people around them.

Through the years, especially during the pandemic, there has been a shift of more job opportunities towards the online world. There are more Jobs online now, such as brunel, and have helped many individuals to be employed. You can see more individuals doing freelance writing online with the limitations of travel. There are more online start-ups by individuals than before due to people being home and their creativity rising. There have been more people hired in the online communication sector. Besides this, with the pandemic easing a bit and the availability of vaccines, jobs in the industrial sector are coming back too. Among such job opportunities, there have been Jobs in Renewable industry.

What is the Renewable Industry?

To understand what a renewable industry is, one needs to get a hold of the basic meaning of renewable energy. As suggested by the name itself, Renewable energy is a type of energy that can renew or naturally be restored. In other words, it is a type of energy taken or derived from natural sources and processes and may be referred to as clean energy. From this, you may be able to gather a slight idea of what renewable industries may be working toward. So, renewable industries work on renewable energy technologies.

There are existing companies that use renewable energies. Amongst these companies are the renowned Apple, Microsoft, Walmart, and Intel. Thus, you can say that jobs in Renewable industry are beneficial for different companies.

Types of Renewable Energy and Jobs

There are different types of renewable energies, and each type is associated a potential jobs in renewable industry. The main five types of renewable energy are Solar energy, hydropower energy, wind energy, biomass, and geothermal energy. If this is the first time you hear about these, do not worry, as you will be getting to know all about them underneath. These five main types of renewable energies are one of the treasures of Earth.

Solar Energy and Solar Photovoltaics

You may have seen some shiny panels on house roofs while passing by houses, or your neighbors might have some set up on top of their house. These shiny panels are called solar panels and use solar energy to generate electricity for the house. In the simplest words, solar energy is sunlight and the heat coming from the sun, while solar power is the conversion of this sunlight and heat into electricity. Solar panels are usually installed in houses as it reduces the cost of electricity bills and requires only low maintenance, thus saving you money from that.

One can find a job in the companies that provide solar technicians devices or as a solar PV installer, solar fleet manager, solar site assessor, and many more. There are different directions one may go with while having jobs in the renewable industry in this specific scene, that being in the solar energy industry.

Hydropower and Water Energy

Hydropower, as its name suggests, deals with water and is actually alternately known as water power. It is an energy that converts gravitational potential energy or instead may convert kinetic energy from water to produce power for machines or produce electricity. The clean drinking water you drink is an example of its working as well as the electricity that you get in your households. From electricity generation and clean water supply to irrigation support and flood control, hydropower truly is beneficial. It is safe and has low emissions.

You can find a job in the hydropower sector by working as a technician or electrician, being a hydroelectric plant manager, or working as a hydroelectric plant technician. Again, this is one of the prime examples of jobs in renewable industry.

Wind Energy and Wind Turbines

This wind energy is as simple as its name. It can be considered a type of solar energy similar to hydropower energy used to generate electricity. Have you ever seen some gigantic and tall standing fan-like structures in an open field? These are wind turbines that, with the help of conversion of the kinetic energy of wind to mechanical power, can generate electricity. Furthermore, wind energy can be used in transportation as shipping industries install kites on ships reducing fuel consumption. Wind energy can also be used for extracurriculars or sports such as kiteboarding, windsurfing, and sailing.

Some jobs in renewable industry in the wind energy sector are working as a wind turbine component manufacturer or as its field service technician.

Biomass and Biofuels

This renewable energy is more related to plants and animals and the organic material derived from them. The way biomass is obtained from plants is through photosynthesis. This renewable energy can be used for electricity generation, space heating, transportation, and water heating. The use of biomass is also seen when one burns a fireplace.

Possible jobs in the biomass sector are to work as a biofuels technologist or technician.

Geothermal Energy

The simplest way to put it, geothermal energy is the heat residing underneath the surface of the Earth. This energy is used to generate electricity, heat buildings, for cooking, space heating, and bathing.

You can find many jobs in this sector, including working as geothermal engineers, geophysicists, and many more.

If you are looking for a job in the renewable energy sector, these are the few career paths you may take depending on which specific renewable energy you may want to work with. In the end, whether you choose to be a geochemist, biofuels technician, or hydroelectric plant manager, good luck to you!

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