Watch Jimmy Fallon’s Daughter Scare Him with a Green Snake

Since most of us are now in isolation because of the coronavirus, most of our favorite TV shows are canceled until this is all over. However, some people managed to keep their shows going by making videos from home.

We had a chance to watch Jimmy Fallon from his home, where his family helped him to create something interesting for his fans. He has two daughters, Franny and Winnie, with Nancy Juvonen. His recent video was one of the rare moments where we had a chance to peek in his private life.

One of the funniest episodes that he was shooting from homes was the last Friday night, where his daughter tried to scare him with a paper snake, where he acts like being scared. It was a really funny moment.

Also, this was one of the rare moments where we could see his daughters since Fallon is trying to keep their lives private. Recently, his wife advised him how it would be a great thing if he involves his kids in the display and show to other people that he also lives an ordinary life, like everybody else.

It was very amusing for many seeing him being interrupted by his daughter Winnie when she lost a tooth or listening to her playing piano.

If there is one positive thing in this situation, that for sure is more time for being with our families and spending time together.