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Jamie Davis Towing Net Worth 2021 – Professional Road Driver

Jamie Davis Motor Truck and Auto Towing is company owned by a professional road driver and a businessman Jamie Davis, while a Canadian show Highway Through Hell is co-founded by him. The services of towing vehicles are available at a very reasonable prices, and what is more important for 24 hours on the highways. While the typical auto insurance policy does not cover towing, according to, if you have roadside assistance coverage or a towing coverage add-on to your existing insurance policy, your tow will be covered. Even if your insurance policy does not cover the tow, Jamie Davis will not charge you an arm and a leg for its services. Let us tell you more about life, career and net worth of Jamie Davis.

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Early Life

On 18th April, 1980, Jamie’s parents welcomed him in this world. He used to play football in school. He is a fan of Liverpool F.C. Studying wasn’t something he was very interested in, but he always loved to drive vehicles, and he started doing that when he was 15 years old. Of course, at 15 years, he didn’t have a licence, and his first ride was his father’s car. Jamie was always close to his father, and his father knew that he will do something that is connected to vehicles for a living.

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Personal Life

Jamie Davis is married to Lucy Austin Davis. The couple were dating for a long time before marriage, they were even together through whole college and finished it together. Lucy Austin is also known as Sherry Davis, as many may call her. She is a co-owner of Jamie Davis Motor Truck and Auto Towing. Jamie and Lucy have four children, named Brandon, Alexis, Brianna and James Jr. The whole family loves to ski on the local slopes. They are very fond of each other.

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As it was previously said, Jamie Davis is the brain behind the successful and huge business called Jamie Davis Motor Truck and Auto Towing. It didn’t take him long to develop an idea to the great business. Since the business was so popular, he started its TV show called Highway Thru Hell. In the show, all operations connected to towing the vehicles are shown, and also dealing with an extreme level of dangers on the highways during the rides. The show is very popular and has amazing rating. It is watched by millions of people all across the globe.

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Net Worth

Jamie Davis has incomes from both his company and his TV show. His net worth is estimated up to $3 million, while his annual income is $800,000.

This man is a motivation to many who want to start their own business, and he loves sharing his experience. We wish him all the best.

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