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From Wheelchair to Dream Chair – How Jaikishaan Sharma Built An Online Success Story

It’s a familiar story for many  – one moment you’re sailing through life on an even keel, and the next moment something happens that turns everything upside down. Maybe it’s something relatively manageable or perhaps it’s a little more drastic than that. Either way, it forces you to make a choice: stick to what you know and try to power through or take a leap and try something new. One entrepreneur who knows this all too well is Jaikishaan Sharma,

Before 2015, Sharma had worked in some of Australia’s top energy providers and was the CEO of a successful direct sales agency. Then one fateful day an accident completely uprooted his life. Sharma found himself bound to a wheelchair with serious spinal injuries and doctors telling him that there was less than a 5% chance he would ever walk again.

Over the next three years, Sharma fell into a pit of despair. No longer able to work in the role he had filled for the previous 10 years, he was making zero income and relying on his wife and mother to help pay bills. Then another life-changing event happened, but this one a bit more fortuitous. Sharma’s wife gave birth to a baby girl, and it forced him to shift his priorities.

Change Your Belief System, Change Your Life

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Sharma knew that he either needed to embrace positivity and make a change or spend the rest of his life sitting in his wheelchair and wallowing in regret. “After being told I may never walk again, I had to rethink everything in my life,” Sharma says. “I committed to making a profound mindset change to embrace high motivation, be goal-driven, and take on a series of lifestyle changes.”

The effects of Sharma’s shift in perspective were profound. In 2019, he underwent successful spinal surgery and took his first physical steps since the accident in front of the doctors who had told him that he may never walk again. This inspired him to share his journey with others, so he wrote his first free guide titled How to Change Your Mind. That year, Sharma also took steps to create his own digital marketing business.

If Sharma’s experience had taught him anything, it was that it is far too easy to dwell in the darkness and hold on to limiting beliefs that serve no purpose. He realized that there were many others out there who were probably in the same headspace he was before and feeling stuck in what seemed like dead-end situations. It was then that he decided to help others find their financial freedom.

Streamlining Success

Sharmaatricks was founded to share knowledge and tools to help others build internet-based businesses and be successful in their endeavors. Sharma says, “I started online business coaching to help people make income online. The business serves hard-working parents and others who want to run successful businesses from their home as a full-time career or even as a sideline while parenting.”

The training program gives students all the tools they need to set up an online business from scratch without any previous tech experience. This includes how to choose the right platform, how to creatively market on social media platforms to attract high-quality traffic, and how to leverage pre-built tools like automated email campaigns and sales funnels.

Community is another key aspect of the Sharmaatricks business model. Students not only gain the skills and tools they need to launch their online businesses, but they also have access to networks that are mostly social media-based where homegrown internet business owners can share tips, tools, and support.

“The purpose of this is to bring together people in my community so that they can share digital space business thinking and support other online entrepreneurs who are striving to run their online brands with modern strategies,” Sharma says. “We already have an amazing community of like-minded people all with one goal: to see each other succeed, and this can grow vigorously.”

Breaking Free From the Rat Race

Sharma believes that the traditional work model that is ingrained into most of our heads is no longer relevant in today’s world. He believes that the day-to-day grind may be holding us back. This has become increasingly apparent with the fallout of the global pandemic, which has shown us that job security is more scarce than ever.

“Being on the workday treadmill can instill fear and overwhelm and that strips many people of their innate drive to create their own business,” he says. “Also, having to focus on one job all day every day can cause a lack of direction that may hold people back from taking that first step to making money online,” he said.

With an online business, the start-up costs and overheads are low, but the margins are high. You have access to global markets, the possibility of 24/7 automation, and huge potential for growth and profits. Plus, with an online business, you’re not tied to one particular place or beholden to anyone but yourself. You can work wherever you like, whenever you like and have complete control over your business decisions.

So why aren’t more people running their own internet-based businesses? According to Sharma, one of the main reasons preventing people from taking the leap is a fear of technology and a lack of confidence when it comes to operating in the digital world.

“There are so many reasons to start a digital business,” says Sharma. “The pandemic made it clearer than ever before that people must harness their passion into an enterprise. One of the best ways to enjoy real freedom, build true wealth, and wake up every day feeling in control of your life is to start your own online business. I have gone from a wheelchair to my dream chair in a few short years.


“When people think about making money online, they think that it’s technical, but it’s as simple as clicking a button. If people need guidance, we have 24/7 online training available in video format, so all you need to do is watch and implement. Our students can have their businesses up and running within 30 days to start making money while they sleep, spend time with family, or go on holiday. In addition, we help our clients scale on every major social media platform.”

To date, Sharma has helped thousands of students build profitable online businesses and brought together a community of over 70,000 like-minded individuals who push each other on to succeed.

As he and his students prove, it doesn’t take a Ph.D. in coding to make a business succeed. All it takes is a bit of guidance, support, and the belief that you can take an obstacle and turn it into positive change.