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Australian Model Jade Kevin Foster rocks ripped diesel denim


The world of fashion and modeling has been on the rise for the past few decades, and especially with the eruption the social media a lot of the stars have become quite an influencers as well. Among many, one of the fastest rising stars is the young Aussie – Jade Kevin Foster. This attractive 26-year old blonde guy has taken the internet by the storm multiple times in the past few years and seems to have a great interaction with the camera and the public behind it. As he suggests, his goal is to try and spread the positive vibes through his modeling and help people of different beliefs and orientations be heard.

His Instagram page has risen quite a bit in the past few years, and now he has more than 1.3 million followers which is a serious number even for the famous Holywood figures. On his photos, he is usually rocking a modern youngster style, with a lot of Denim and elegant shirts included. He earned his fame by being a model for Mossimo and Louis Vuitton.

image source: Instagram

A few days ago, Jade Kevin Foster posted a photo that already has more than 80,000 likes and has the potential to be among his most popular ones. With the description, “the only man, a girl, can rely on is her daddy” aiming to attract the public and start some discussion on the modern men-women relations he rocks an awesome, teenage rebel style. He is wearing black denim jeans that look somewhat rugged but still casual and elegant. On the other hand, as his top clothing, he wears a simple grey t-shirt that goes excellent with the jacket he put on. The jacket is a story for itself – beautiful light blue denim jacket, with torn sleeves and few front pockets; it is something that greatly represents the modern yet casual and rebel style that is pretty common with teenagers nowadays. And on top of all that oh well as always his hair is on point, and his sexy pose isn’t for the fainthearted. The comment section is proof on its own.


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It is clear that Jade Kevin Foster is just starting and we are yet to see of him and his modeling influence!