Is the New Batman movie going to start filming by the end of this year?

The director of the new movie, Matt Reeves thinks that they will start on the production somewhere close to the end of 2019. Things are finally moving along with the newest Batman movie now that Ben Affleck’s role as Batman has come to an end. The new Batman movie should be coming out somewhere in June of 2021, at least that is the plan for now. The movie will see a new actor play the part of Bruce Wayne. The director has the plan to find an actor that would be a good amount younger than Ben Affleck so that the same actor can play the role for multiple movies.

Because of the existence of the date of release, it won’t be long until we have more details about the movie. At the start of the year, there was speculation that they will start working on the movie in November of this year and that was not far off if the latest news is to be trusted.

Matt Reeves got a question from a fan on his official Twitter account about where the new Batman movie stands right now and his response was that he expects filming to start somewhere around December of 2019.

Even though Warner Bros have not confirmed the dates of filming, they seem to make sense with everything considered. Since the last draft of the script for the movie was turned in it makes the most sense that the most probable date when the movie could come out is the summer of 2021. In order for that date to be met the filming of the movie needs to start by the end of 2019 or at the very beginning of 2020. If the cameras start rolling as planned there will be plenty of time to care of all of the post-production details. It seems that they want to take their time with everything and not rush it.

What everyone is looking forward to now is the details that will be announced in the close future, like who will be cast as Batman and the other roles. There were some rumors that the actor who will play Armie Hammer but those died down after no further confirmations were posted. Another thing that everyone is excited about is who out of the Caped Crusader’s famed rogues gallery will be in the movie.