Is Stormi the only reason Kylie Jenner got back with Travis Scott?

Kylie Jenner might not be single anymore. There have been rumors that the Kylie Cosmetics founder has gotten back together with the father of her daughter Stormi Webster, Travis Scott.

Even though Kylie has not confirmed or denied any of the rumors, it seems like they have worked through the issues they once had. Even though there could be many reasons for their reconciliation, the most likely one is that they have taken this step for the sake of their daughter Stormi Webster.

Since Jenner and Scott broke up, there have been many rumors about their relationship. There has been minimal drama between them, and they both are devoted parents to baby Stormi.

Kylie and Travis have continued to share photos of their adorable toddler on social media. They also celebrated her second birthday recently.

Besides, Kylie and Scott even took trips together, along with their daughter, proving that they can be united or her sake, even if they are not together.

However, in recent months, more and more evidence indicates that the two are back together.

It was reported that Jenner and Scott are officially back together. Apparently, the two have been together for close to a month but have been enjoying their privacy.

Even though they did not confirm anything, it certainly looks like their romance is back “on.”

The fans are trying to figure out what caused the couple to get back together. One of the explanations is that Jenner and Scott wanted to reunite for the sake of their daughter since she means a lot to them.