Is sleeping in a recliner bad for you?


Offer recliners offer great comfort level. If you are having a recliner chair then you definitely feel that it is the most luxurious seat in your house. In fact, the recliner is so comfortable that you can also sleep on it. But the question is, Is Sleeping in a Recliner Bad For you?  Create an ambiguous situation.

Well, there are several factors that play an important role when it comes to answering this question. While sleeping on a recliner, there are several factors that get questioned including the health conditions, quality of the recliner comfort requirement and many more. And usually, it is the seniors who fall asleep on a recliner and according to, we want only the best for them.

Is sleeping in a recliner bad for you?

If you want to get a brief answer to your question then we just want to say “NO”.  Sleeping on the recliner is not bad for your health. But still, before going to sleep on your most comfortable recliners, you must consider some factors like your own health status. In order to make your decision more clearly regarding the recliner here, we have stated the benefits of sleeping in a most comfortable recliner along with the downfall. Furthermore, we have also given some situations in which sleeping in a recliner may be proved to be beneficial.

Benefits of Sleeping In a Recliner

There are a lot of people who love to sit, drift and sleep on their Recliners. Even they don’t know that “How much beneficial this practice can prove for them”.  Well, here we have stated some of the best benefits of Sleeping on a Recliner Chair. Also you can check Republic Lab’s Recliners Guide to know more about the Best Recliners in the Market.

Improved Breathing

You must not have realized, but try to notice this fact that whenever you are sitting on your Most Comfortable Recliner, breathing becomes easier. You must be thinking that How it can be Possible. Well, sitting on a Recliner opens up your muscles present in a chest and also makes the muscles feel calm while taking deep and full breaths.

Reduced Back Pain

Recliner provides you an option to lie in such a position that you can easily alleviate the body pain, especially in the back. This is much comfortable than lying on a bed or sitting on a normal chair.


Another benefit is that a recliner is much more comfortable than a standard bed. The recliner will further add up a luxurious feel to your sleep. Furthermore, you may also read your favorite book or can also watch your favorite television show just by sitting on your Most Comfortable Recliner. Recliners are multifunctional in nature.

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Alleviates Physical Symptoms

If you are suffering from medical conditions like heartburn or reflux then you must try sleeping on a Recliner. Sleeping on a comfortable Recliner helps your body acid down. Furthermore, it also helps in getting relief from back or leg pain, coughs and colds, and any other conditions.

Well, these are some of the Benefits that you can get just by sleeping on a Comfortable Recliner. Well, we all know that each coin has two sides. Along with Benefits, each product or procedure comes with some downfalls also. In order to provide you with the best details here, we have also given the downfalls of sleeping on a Recliner.

Downfalls of Sleeping In A Recliner

Following are the download that also you must consider before starting the sleeping habit. Take a look….

Lack of Positions

While sleeping on the Recliner, you may feel stiff. This happens because of the lack of positions you experience while lying on the Recliner. If you are one of those who keeps rolling and moving while sleeping then you must not consider Recliner for you.

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Safety Concerns

If you are having a little child in your home then you must not consider a Recliner for sleeping. If your child is so small that he/she can get lodged on the spaces then you must try to make your baby sleep in a cot.


Your comfort level on recliner directly depends upon the place where you have kept them. if you have placed your recliner in a shared area like the lobby where you have placed your tv or dining room then it may be difficult to have sound sleep on it. Hence to get a comfortable sleep it is important to keep the Recliner placed at a shady and quite place.

Neck/Back Issues

If you are having a problem in your neck, back or spine then it may be difficult for you to get sleep in the right angle. For many people, the position proves to be helpful in getting relieved from the pain.  But this factor depends upon the severity of the pain.

When Sleeping In A Recliner May Be Good?

If you are one of those having the habit of sleeping on a side or on stomach then Recliner is definitely not meant for you.  But as we have stated that in some medical conditions, Recliners proved to be damn helpful. Here we have given some common conditions which get relieved if you are sleeping on a recliner. Most Comfortable Recliner can also become your half doctor if you are having any of the following problems:

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  • Acid reflux
  • Heart problems
  • Post-operative patients
  • Sleep apnea
  • Back pain and sciatica
  • Coughs, colds, and respiratory problems
  • Pregnancy

In case you are having any of the above-given condition then, the best option for you is meeting a health professional. The details we have stated here in this article are based on the research. If you are having a severe issue like Heart Disease etc then you must take expert advice before considering pour suggestions.

When Is It Bad To Sleep In A Recliner?

Although Recliners can prove to be a comfortable choice still the comfort level depends on your circumstances. Sleeping on a Recliner might not be the right decision for every person. So if you are having any medical condition then you are suggested to contact a person who is medically trained.

Hence this was all about the Recliners. The above-given information will help you in taking the right decision regarding sleeping on your Most Comfortable Recliner and if you want to find a new recliner for your home, check out