Is a Maid Worth the Money or Should You Clean a House Yourself?

Cleaning is absolutely essential and should be in your daily routine. But with life getting in the way, such as a 9 to 5 job, family duties, studies, and the hardest job of all, being a mother, sometimes we don’t have enough time to clean our home. To have a clean home, one must find the time. It is an absolutely tedious job and requires extra effort. Proper cleaning is exhausting. Vacuuming, mopping, wiping, and organizing every corner of your home is needed or else dust will start to collect in places where dust and dirt hides- in small spaces. You wouldn’t want to clean over and over again and just exhaust yourself, right? But we only have 24 hours in a day, how can we sneak a little cleaning with all our other priorities getting in the way?

Simple problems require simple solutions. We shouldn’t stress ourselves out from thinking about when we need to clean and how much surface we need to clear up. Luckily, there are cleaning services that provide the best quality services! Why stress out over our cleaning duties when we can hire someone to take care of it in the first place? The best part about this is that you can focus on your other priorities without thinking about anything else! They’ll take care of all of the fuss for you. Though this sounds incredibly efficient for your life, you might already be computing your added expenses. We’re sure you might be asking yourself: “Is a maid or cleaning service worth the expense?” In this article, we will break down a few reasons why or why not a maid is worth the money. Read on if you are reluctant to hire a maid service.

Deciding whether or not it is worth it to hire a maid service shouldn’t be complex. There are certain things that you should take note of, such as what company may be the best to hire. “Modern Maids” is one we highly recommend. They are the most recommended site to book a cleaning service as it is absolutely easy. All you need to do is select the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that need to be cleaned and schedule a house cleaning service in what seems to be 60 seconds! It is so convenient because you can hire someone in a click of a button! Not only that, they offer different services that cater to your needs. Services such as that offer deep cleaning in areas of your home such as your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and any common areas of your household. They guarantee to remove any unpleasant smells, stained doors, stained floors, hidden dirt, rusty doors and windows, and many more.

If you are still hesitant to hire a cleaning service, here are a few things to consider before hiring a cleaning service:

  • Is it within your budget?

Us cleaning companies charge $50-$90 on average, depending on which maid service you prefer hiring. If you cannot bear an extra few dollars on a cleaning service, it may be best to clean your home on your own. But considering the amount of time and energy you will save, we think it is pretty clear that hiring a maid service is absolutely worth the extra few dollars, especially when you are busy with work or have too many kids to handle.

  • Can you trust someone else to go inside your home?

We understand that hiring a maid service, although very efficient, can also be quite sketchy. Essentially, random strangers will enter your home. It all depends on you if you are willing to allow these people to touch your items. On the other hand, most cleaning services guarantee quality service and trustworthy maids that will help in making your home clean and tidy.

  • Are you comfortable with other people’s cleaning styles?

Cleaning a home is different for everyone, and each person has a specific preference. You should ask yourself; “Am I comfortable with allowing other people to clean the way they want to?” If so, then hiring a cleaning service is something that should be up in your alley.

The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Cleaning Service


  • Consistent and Efficient – Maid services guarantee consistent cleaning services, which means, once you get your house cleaned, they will clean how they cleaned the last time. Not only that, you can schedule a cleaning service at whichever time you prefer. If you want a consistent schedule per week, they are happy to come by your house if needed.
  • Cleaning Experts – Cleaning is a tedious job. Hiring maid services, you are guaranteed a professional cleaner equal to an electrician or a roofer. They know how to get rid of the dirt that you don’t know how to get rid of! It is definitely worth the extra expense.
  • More Time – Not cleaning your own home means you have more time to finish other priorities or cater to other people’s needs.


  • An added expense – Listen, hiring someone to do something will cost you a little bit more rather than cleaning on your own. But think about it this way: what you pay, you also benefit from. So it is definitely a win-win situation.
  • No Privacy – Hiring someone to touch your things is a little sketchy especially when you have a big house.
  • Wrong cleaning products – Like cleaning, cleaning products are also a preference. If you are someone who prioritizes the environment, you may be into sustainable products. Before hiring a cleaning service, make sure that their number one priority is catering to your own needs. Otherwise, hiring a maid service would be a waste of money and time.
  • Contracting airborne diseases – During these trying times, it is scary to invite other people to our homes. You never know if the maids that they hire are tested weekly. Before hiring a cleaning service, make sure that they guarantee and follow safety protocols. It is hard to invite someone you have no guarantee is safe or not. You wouldn’t want to catch any viruses that will be bad for your health.