Iran’s foreign minister accuses the US of ‘consistently violating’ Iran nuclear agreement


Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif rejected the possibility of renegotiating the nuclear deal his country signed in 2015. He accused Washington of violating the agreement and has said that Iran has always been faithful to it.

“We will neither outsource our security nor will we renegotiate or add onto a deal we have already implemented in good faith,” he said.

Mr. Zarif said that IAEA, the UN nuclear agency, has confirmed on several occasion Iran’s adherence to the deal while criticising the United States.

“In contrast, the U.S. has consistently violated the agreement, especially by bullying others from doing business with Iran.”

One of the key campaign promises Mr. Trump made was that he would scrap the Iran Nuclear Deal. Just last month, after the meeting with the French President Emmanuel Macron, who came to Washington specifically to try and persuade Trump of remaining part of the deal, he called it “insane.”

As the May 12th deadline, Mr. Trump gave his allies to fix the agreement, approaches it becomes more apparent that The United States will exit the deal President Obama signed in 2015, together with Germany, China, Russia, France, and Britain. The deal allowed Iran to return to the international markets in exchange for curtailing its nuclear weapons program, reducing the number of centrifuges and sending much of the country’s stockpile of enrichened uranium to Russia.

It is unclear how exactly the scenario would play out, but it is certain that it will add a new dose of instability to the already shaken region.

Mohammad Javad Zarif likened the attempts to renegotiate the agreement to a real estate deal.

“When you buy a house and move your family in it or demolish it to build a skyscraper, you cannot come back two years later and renegotiate the price,” he said.


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