How to improve speed and accuracy of your mouse clicking

Gamers are very well aware of the importance of speed and accuracy of clicking if one wants to progress in the gaming world. In fact, the whole gaming experience depends on it.

Some games don’t require that much accuracy, but most of the popular ones people play require high accuracy and precision.

So, if you have found yourself feeling frustrated because you’re just not fast enough to shoot the opponent in the game, worry no further. This article will give you all you need to know about clicking speed and accuracy. By the time you read it, you’ll be able to know your exact clicking speed, how to choose the right equipment for a better experience, and how to adjust it to a specific type of game you’re playing.

Speed test

How can you know if it is you or your equipment that needs a boost? In most cases, both need a boost, but if you’re sure you have purchased a quality piece of equipment, then there are a couple of things you can do to improve your clicking speed and precision. The first thing is to take a speed test. The most successful gamers are fast clickers, and it’s not just about the agility of their index finger. To know your clicking speed, take the test and see where you stand, then work on your improvement. Remember, practice always makes perfect. You can read more here about the test and how you can prepare for a better score.

If you’re sure you have purchased a quality gaming mouse, but the speed and precision are just not delivering results, then the following advice might help you.

Adjust the settings

Your progress in the game will highly depend on your mouse DPI. Sensitivity ranges, and based on your game of choice, it can be customized. Depending on what type of game you enjoy playing, different sensitivities may be required. For example, for games with long-range fights, you may want less sensitivity. But, if you want to play games like Fortnight with faster movement, you should aim for greater sensitivity.

How do you do that? To find the sensitivity point, we recommend that you select a starting point and try to play in that range for a while. After, you’ll most probably have to decrease sensitivity.

For those who are not familiar with optimizing the settings, we’ll clarify further. An operative system usually has settings you can adjust to optimize the performance of your hardware. For example, mouse acceleration is one such setting. Experienced gamers advise to turn off mouse acceleration. Once you do this, clicking accuracy will be vastly improved.

Additional thing you should be aware of is the distance a mouse can work on, when lifted from the surface. A short-distance one will stop working almost immediately after you lift it off the surface, and thus will jeopardize speed. The one with a greater distance will continue to move the cursor even when lifted a couple of millimeters. This way you can keep moving in the game while lifting it above the surface. It can mean all the difference for the games that require low sensitivity, so don’t take this for granted.

Buy quality hardware

You may do all we mentioned above, but without knowing how to choose the quality, accuracy and speed might not be guaranteed.

A lot of factors should be considered when buying quality hardware for gamers. One poor decision can make a huge difference and significantly decrease the experience.

Here are a couple of advises on what to aim for:

  1. Suitable shape. Not every shape will suit your hand. A general piece of advice is to search for the one equivalent to the size of your hand. You want to move smoothly, in a way that will enable your fingers to stay relaxed. It should be a resting place for your palm. Also, the width is more important than the length.
  2. The material. Since things tend to get very tense, your palms will sweat. Therefore, choose the material that can take sweaty hands, without becoming a slippery surface. If your palm is constantly slipping from the mouse, no accuracy or speed can be expected.
  3. Sensors should be excellent and excellent one has the following characteristics: accurate tracking over a wide range of DPI, zero shakings and acceleration, no prediction and angle rotation, quick reaction, low lifting distance.
  4. Cable or no cable. If you choose the one with a cable, pay attention to the thickness of the cable, because sometimes it can be an obstacle for the movement. Wireless ones are a great option; however, connectivity should be stable.
  5. Clicking. Always try out how the mouse fits your palm, and whether the clicking suits you. Some require more force, some are very gentle and easy to handle.
  6. Choose a good surface. Regardless of what your choice of the mouse was, wireless or a cable one, a good surface it can move smoothly on, will affect the speed.

Work on yourself

In some cases, clicking speed and accuracy are affected by the mood you’re in. How? Well, you’ve played for hours and failed so many times that it got you frustrated. Frustration and anger destroyed your concentration, and your accuracy has abandoned you completely. Gamers tend to sleep less and play more which can be energy draining. Be aware of all this, and when the frustration starts to rise, get some rest. Remember, you’re doing this out of joy and it should be fun. As soon as the fun stops, quit it. Remain calm and cool at all times to ensure success. The most successful people in any area have always been those who keep their cool no matter the circumstances.

What can be concluded from the text is that speed and accuracy are affected both by the quality of the gear and your mood. Work on optimizing both, and you’ll do great in no time.