5 IG Tools for Growth and a Service to Avoid

Thanks to the development of the Instagram application, it has turned into an online market platform where you have all chances to rock your brand. To become an influencer or sell from your IG store, it may not be enough to use the application alone.

Therefore, new services appear every day that allow you to optimize promotion on Instagram; in-depth analytics have been created to increase the reach of your publications.

Below we will observe five main tools that will help you attract an audience much faster and optimize your content. The main thing you have to remember is that all third-party Instagram promotion services must be approved and legal.

5 top IG tools every business needs asap

1. Hashtag Generator


Now hashtagging is just a necessity, and even large accounts with 100K followers apply tags. The big disadvantage of the Instagram app is that copying tags is impossible. What’s more, you can’t even copy or paste comments from the Instagram app. So you couldn’t copy the tags from your competitors in the application.

If you search for tags from the search bar, then the application also does not allow you to copy one. The only way is to just memorize the tags by manually writing them down in a note. Agree this is a routine and useless job? While there are tag generators like Toolzu, Inflact and many others.

TOP generators can be not only an address search bar but also a full-fledged manager for working with hashtags. If you want to sort the results, you can save collections and form templates from them. You may sort tags by subject and form ready-made templates from them. You can quickly copy the entire collection as a whole.

This will allow you to create customized sets for each niche of your content. And this is an important principle of promotion through tags. Because if a hashtag is not associated with the post gallery or irrelevant, it will not be effective for promotion.

Also generators allow you to view extended statistics for each tag. This can help you assess your competitiveness. Since new tags appear every day and some become trendy, you should constantly update your active base to stay in Instagram trends.

2. Analyzer for profiles

This is most often a free service that offers full profile analytics and will allow you to track your competitors and benefit from their promotion strategies. For example, if you enter a public profile username in the Analyzer’s search bar, the service will give data:

  • tags most used on this profile
  • what are the most common words in captions
  • how often users post content – on what days and at what time
  • most importantly – the most successful publication in terms of the number of likes and the number of comments

And such advanced analytics of your competitors allow you to understand how to improve your content plan. Understand the tastes and priorities of the target audience. After all, if you want to create content in this niche, then you need to know which publications best engage the target user.

3. A downloader for Instagram content


This is what a content marketer should have on hand. Because now it makes no sense to produce a lot of content through filming. When you download content from photo stocks, it does not look natural and will definitely not attract the attention of the IG audience.

Therefore, you may download content directly from Instagram or from other social networks. Share content that has already won the trust of social network users, which means they will probably like it.

  • With the Profile Analyzer you can first detect top content in your topic. For example, you can open a fashion blogger’s account and see which posts get the most likes and comments.
  • Just download this visual and post to your account.
  • When you share content that is produced by other users in your account, you must be sure to indicate the source. This is also pleasant for the author, because through the mentions they gain traffic and a growing number of fans.

4.  Anonymous story viewer


If you do not want your name to be displayed on the profile of certain people, then it is better to avoid viewing stories from your account. For example, if a user blacklisted you, then their stories simply will not be available to you. And there is a way out of this, which we owe to a cool Instagram tool – an anonymous story viewer.

It will allow you to not only view but also download stories, which will help you share content even if you are not tagged on it. With this tool you can open mp4 videos in the browser on your device, either on your phone or on your computer. This will allow you to go unnoticed while staying up to date with the news of those people whose account is public. If the user account is hidden by privacy settings, then it will be impossible to view content with this service.

5. Desktop Online Messenger


This is most often a paid tool that helps you to reach many of your customers at once in Instagram Direct. You can set up mass messages to certain users, and set up automatic answers to typical questions. This service will respond to keywords and send a pre-prepared response that you write down. And also, if you run a social network store, then through such a Desktop Messenger you can categorize different customer groups and actively interact with customers in private messages.

As you know, the default Messenger in the application is not suitable for correspondence. Despite the fact that there is an opportunity to prepare auto-replies, you cannot even search for keywords in the correspondence.

All in all

Instagram does not support buying followers. In addition, if you want to use such services to quickly create an image of a promoted account, then this will soon become noticeable.

Now users instantly recognize such profiles that only took care of buying subscribers. And if you have few publications, few active comments under publications and at the same time 100k followers, then it is easy to guess that you could buy them.

In addition, the list of your followers is the public available information. And if the user comes to check who your subscribers are, they can notice empty profiles, or created with a fake DP, or mostly not related to your location.

All this nests in the thought that you have purchased followers. And such such a promotion strategy is not justified in 2024. It was possible to gain trust earlier. However, now only real reviews, real subscribers and word of mouth can bring you truly loyal customers and increase the number of orders. Therefore, we start with this method as a suggestion so that you do not use it. Instead, take a look at Instagram Growth Tools provided above that will allow you to build an audience that will pay close attention to your content and therefore your service.