6 Reasons Why Identity Verification is Necessary Today

Identity checking is one of the most common tasks applied by police officers. If we skip this step, we are powerless to do anything further. A police officer conducts a person’s identity check by inspecting his or her identity card an identity card, driver’s license, travel, or another public document with a photograph, which they issued authorized state bodies. The most common documents that citizens have are identity card, passport, or driver’s license.

Of course, establishing your identity is not something you will encounter only if a police officer checks you, but also every day – in the bank when you buy a property, you want to enroll in school, get a job …

Identification is a process that uses different forensic methods or medical or other expertise. As forensic methods can be used checks in the records of births, deaths, personal description, identification, etc. More complex forms of establishing identity are: taking fingerprints, identification DNA structures, graphological expertise, and the like. If there is no suspicion that the person has committed a criminal offense or misdemeanor, these methods may be applied only with the written consent of the person.

We have already mentioned that identity verification is used for many purposes today, as well as those different methods are applied.

Phone privacy protection

Nobody likes another person to take his phone and read messages, enter the gallery, social networks. Even though you know you’re not hiding anything, the feeling of someone else invading your privacy is uncomfortable. We come to various types of protection, ie phone locks that can be done in several ways. It used to be entering a four-digit number, a PIN code. Although still used today, there are other, simpler, and more practical forms of phone locking that require authentication, and these are fingerprint and face recognition. You can find more about it at

In any case, this is one of the safest methods, both protection of the device and identification of the person, which leads us to use it in the next sector.

Worker identification

Many companies have introduced a system for registering workers on arrival and departure from work years ago. In the beginning, it was a code that the worker receives, types in the device provided for that, and the system remains information about what time the person came and went from work. Employers have come to realize over time that this check system has many flaws because anyone can type in the number, which means that your friend can stay home and not come to work without you “covering” him.

After that, another verification system was introduced, namely, the more efficient fingerprint, but it also turned out to be making mistakes. With face recognition, the check is the most reliable.

You want to travel

Do you like to travel? Great, but know that you will have to go through different types of checks – from the moment you book hotel accommodation, plane ticket, when you arrive at the airport, when you arrive at your destination. There are different methods of verifying identification, but verification of documents and fingerprints is inevitable.


We mentioned that you will not be able to do almost anything in the bank unless your identity is established. Okay, you might be able to pay the bills. In any case, if you want to withdraw a loan, money from your account, or simply open a bank account, you will have to go through a check. This is a procedure that will usually not take you much time (5-10 minutes) but can sometimes take up to two hours.


You’ve finally found the job you’ve been dreaming of and now it’s time to get down to the paperwork. This will require additional checks and confirmation of identification to be linked to health insurance, the bank through which your salary will be paid, and so on.

Access accounts on your computer or phone

Do you think that you only need identity verification if required by your employer or an institution? Well, you are wrong, because your mobile phone will also require it, especially if you access the account from the device through which you are not registered. Instagram announced that it will require the account owner to verify their identity if it turns out that the account shows signs of behavior that are not authentic or tries to deceive followers. However, the company points out that only a small number of accounts will be covered by this check, while most users will not be affected by this. You will not be able to access other social networks and accounts unless you answer security questions or confirm your phone number, after which you will receive a confirmation code.

As we can see, there are few things we can do without confirmation of identification.  Successful organizations are now strategically using digital technologies to automate their processes, creating new services and values for customers who want their service and product to be available always and everywhere. They are innovation-oriented and transform their organizational structures according to the needs of their clients.

It is clear to everyone that the current systems and processes of data collection, signatures, documentation, identification, going to the counter, and waiting in line for hours are, to say the least, outdated. The new age has imposed on society that new technologies and processes are necessary, and the speed of work and saving time is invaluable. Digitalization has marked the business from the appearance of computers until today. For the past 40 years, the focus of technology development has been on digitizing business processes and solving business problems. In recent years, the focus has been on the digitalization of user interaction, and there are completely different challenges. One of the keys is how to confirm someone’s identity remotely, but also to make sure that the client meets the prerequisites for taking a certain service. At the same time, that experience must be pleasant and easy for the user.

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