Ideal Chameleon Cage Size For Your Pet

If you are new to the world of chameleons, you will have to know that a proper sized cage is mandatory. These animals must be kept in enclosures at all times and each one must have a separate cage. They are far from social, so if you put them in the same cage fight is probable. Below, we will guide you through the different cage sizes and which one you actually need.

For baby chameleons


For baby chameleons, you need a smaller cage, obviously. An ideal size is 16x16x30 inches and you can place him in this cage until he reaches 10 months of age. Some species will get bigger in less time, so you will have to move them to a bigger cage after 8 months.

A cage of a proper size will make sure your pet has all the space he needs and he will stay safe at all times. Screen-sided enclosures are the best option here and all chameleons love them. Until they reach se*ual maternity, which occurs at 9-10 months of age, there can be two chameleons in the same cage.

For adult males

Adult males are bigger than females so they need a bigger cage. Once again, screen-sided enclosures are the best and they provide fresh air, plenty of it. Glass cages don’t, which may cause issues with the respiratory system. The best chameleon cage will have 2x2x4 feet dimensions. It can be used for a long period of time and it will make sure your pet gets a sufficient amount of space.

These cages are also very affordable so you won’t have any issues finding the most suitable one. Make sure you customize the cage precisely as you want and you provide essentials inside. Don’t forget that a chameleon will spend 24/7 inside, so you definitely want to make him as comfortable as possible.

For adult females

Adult female chameleons are much smaller and as such, they require a smaller cage. An ideal size is 18×18 inches and 3 feet tall. A cage of these dimensions is commonly recommended by all experts and it is ideal for several different species.

A mandatory fact to remember is that male and female chameleons can’t be held in the same cage. Obviously, a male chameleon will require a bigger cage and he is much bigger, so placing him in a small cage is a massive mistake.

Vine and foliage are essential as well

Regardless of which chameleon you have at the moment, he will require vines and foliage. Vines are used for activities which will make you a happy chameleon owner every single time you see him using the vines. Foliage is mandatory to provide a place where a chameleon can hide. Don’t use cages without these two essentials.


Chameleons are some of the most impressive animals on the planet Earth and they can be raised in captivity without any issue. Of course, the main factor to consider is the size of the cage.