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Howie Mandel Net Worth 2021 ‘America’s Got Talent’ Judge and ‘Deal or No Deal’ Host


Howie Mandel is one of the most famous comedians best known for his involvement in America`s Got Talent as the judge. He is also known for hosting game show Deal or No Deal. Mandel is getting a lot of money for each appearance on TV. If you want to know how much money he gets for hosting and judging you should continue with the reading. You might be surprised by his net worth.

Deal or No Deal

This interesting comedian is in the show business since the 1990s. Mandel was the part of the TV shows such as Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Good Grief, St. Elsewhere, and Bobby’s World, but we all know him from the Deal or No Deal, or America`s Got Talent. He also had done lots of commercials, and stand-up comedy in his career.
The show Deal or No Deal, the U.S. version has a debut in 2005 and lasted until 2009 when the show has gone on a break. On the show, you have 26 numbered briefcases which players must pick. The suitcases are ranging from one penny to $1 million. The players open cases by the rules and there is a mysterious “Banker” who makes offers for players.

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If you watched closely this show, you will remember that the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle was one of the models in the show Deal or No Deal. Her job was to open the briefcases for contestants.

At the end of 2018, the popular TV show comes back on the little screen to CNBC in the production of Universal Orlando Resort. The TV show has a new banker, new models, but the same host, Howie Mandel.

“I’ve been involved in every kind of production — live, variety, drama, film and animation. Nothing changed my life, career, and perception of humanity more than one project, and that was Deal or No Deal,” Mandel said.
“I am excited to re-embark on the most thrilling, life-changing show with the brilliant Scott St. John and our new partners at CNBC,” he added.

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Mandel’s Net Worth

Howie Mandel`s earnings are estimated $40 million. When he was a judge on America`s Got Talent he got $70,000 per episode in 2010. He was judging with popular stars, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, and Mel B.

He also was getting $75,000 per episode of Deal or No Deal. Probably producers offered him much more money to return as the host of the show in 2018. He is also an executive producer now.

If you are interested in his personal life you should read Mandel`s autobiography Here’s the Deal: Don’t Touch Me. In this book, he describes and discusses his obsessive-compulsive disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.