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How Videos Help Ecommerce To Boost Sales

Launching an eCommerce website is definitely an excellent idea to start a business. Years of planning, tons of ideas, some chosen, some rejected and you have your website ready to hit the market. 

You need to make sure that you have a product page, which needs to be SEO optimized. your blogs need to be up to date and nicely written. You need to have an exceptional UI and offer your customers the best value for their money. 

And with still all this work and when you think that everything perfect, you’re still not witnessing bigger sales? Have your figures shown a rise? What’s wrong then? Why is your website not gaining much traffic? 

Odds are you haven’t embedded the right things at the right place. Just having a website isn’t enough to witness growth, instead, you need to tailor it in a way that can boost your online presence and help your business outshine in the global world. 

And how is that gonna happen? 

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Well, there are plenty of ways to marketize your product or your business, the one that we are about to explore here are videos. 

While designing the product page in your eCommerce store, you would have placed everything right. The product title, the description SEO optimized and the price set as per industrial norms but have you added a video? How can a customer know about using a product? 

Whether you want to promote your business or showcase a product, embedding videos is by the far the most effective way. According to a survey, the total internet traffic generated through videos is expected to be 80%. And given the dawn of competition, this figure is far from just being satisfactory. 

So, videos are no more an option but a necessity to sustain in the digital world. 

Videos For Ecommerce Marketing 

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As a marketer, you can integrate videos that revolve around multiple ideas. To outline the business objectives and goals and also to promote a product, enabling users to a better view of the functionality of the product. 

When we about marketing, this type of advertising has gained tremendous popularity. Nearly 78% of users watch only videos every week. Such a trend is expected to rise further and alter the way customers engage with the brand over the net. The more they see, the more they are attracted to the brand. And once a customer finds interest in a particular brand, the likelihood of making a purchase is higher than before. 

As a matter of fact, videos tell a story. It is like a short film that takes customers on a journey of the product or the brand. This has a better and more attractive appeal which leads to better engagement. 

According to a survey, landing pages that have video content witness an 80% higher conversion rate. Meaning that your business is not just gaining traffic but that traffic is actually of help and can help you boost your overall sales. Alongside, emails that are followed with a video campaign record 19% higher click rate. Needless to state, greater is the online visibility, higher the possibility of purchase. 

Why Use Videos? 

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Before we move on to outline the top reasons as to why video is the best form for marketing that can boost your overall sales, let’s have a quick look at what marketers say or feel about it. 

  • 62% of consumers prefer watching videos on product reviews prior to making a purchase.
  • 84% of the surveyed consumers have an inclination towards a purchase after watching a brand’s video.
  • 97% of video marketers are of the view that publishing an understanding of that product or service, whereas 76% find this method helping them increase eCommerce sales.

The numbers and figures are definitely convincible, however, there still lies this question, why this method? 

  • People prefer viewing that reading: It is and has always been a known fact that people love to watch. Not only are such videos easy to watch but they also entertain customers and the story portrayed draws a connection between the customer and the video. It is important that organization try and mold their videos in a way that provides information and at the same time, are fun to watch. A boring one would be as good as not having one, in the first place. 
  • Information On The Go- Videos talk a lot and they talk about everything. From the business to the product, the detail of the item and the manner in which it has to be used. This saves the user from actually looking out for a manual and learning on the usage. Instead, the customer can simply play it and know about the functions. This helps brands connect better with the customer. An effectively recorded video is an answer to all the questions of a customer. When a customer is satisfied with the product, he/she is more likely to engage and make a purchase. 
  • Videos Drive Greater Organic Traffic: Organic traffic is one of the most important indicators of business success. The higher the traffic, the greater is the visibility in the Google search engine and likewise, the sales. You need to reduce the bounce rate of your website and for that, you need to have a better engagement. Marketers believe that embedding videos within the website are one of the best ways to keep users engage within a website and drive organic traffic. 

In a nutshell, this type of marketing works well with an Ecommerce business. An exceptionally curated video would have the following: 

  1. Provides an explanation on how to use your products
  2. Give a description of all of the features and the product functionality
  3. Share reviews of the happy customer
  4. Create a story that revolves around your product
  5. Educate customers about your values and the business mission. 
  6. Show the entire product in action
  7. Compare your product to one of your competitors
  8. Instill greater confidence in your potential customers
  9. Enlist the benefits and also, factors that make your business stand out from the rest. 

Wrapping Up

To sum up, videos have the ability to add more to your product than just a visual display. If used right, a business can experience a steady increase in sales and likewise, an upsurge in profit. And next to this, your whole strategy needs to be planned out, to come to a point where your eCommerce store if blooming. To learn more, we also suggest checking out more resources or a guide like this one on Apptunix, which could steer you even more in the right direction, on the road for a successful online business.