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How to Style a Leather Jacket

There are some fashion items that are a must for the discerning man’s wardrobe. The leather jacket is one, and you’re bound to have at least one in your collection. They come in a wide variety of styles – we can’t think right now of another garment with so many different styles – which is why we are going to talk about how to style different types.

To talk about every type of leather jacket would require a longer article than we have space for, so we’re going to concentrate on the more popular types. Let’s start with the absolute classic – the Biker jacket.

How to Wear a Leather Biker Jacket

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The classic biker jacket is an old favorite, and it has found its way from being a garment for on the road to one that is a mainstream fashion choice. It’s not just for men, either, as women look great in a biker jacket.The biker jacket, which has its origins in the early part of the 20th century in the USA, is designed to be strong and easy to wear and has an image that is all of its own. This is a jacket that will always get noticed, and one that looks great as part of a simple, casual outfit. In fact, perhaps the best way to wear a biker jacket is with blue jeans and a white t-shirt – that is the essential biker look! If you want to go the full distance, why not get yourself some leather boots too – a pair of Chelsea type boots will look great with a biker jacket and the above ensemble, and you have the perfect outfit for a casual night out.

How to Wear a Leather Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is another type that was designed with a practical purpose in mind, this time for airmen in the First World War. The style has persisted and is now one of the classics of men’s outerwear, and is a great choice for a casual look or a smart-casual style. It looks great worn with your favorite jeans and a sweater or a t-shirt and gives a sort of retro-look style that is always great to see. Unlike the biker jacket, which is generally seen in classic black as is expected, the leather bomber jacket perhaps looks best in brown – and even suede – as it offers a more modern and up to the minute style. Remember that the bomber jacket is essentially a short garment, so be prepared to wear it that way, and shop around as there are many designer brands with some excellent versions to choose from.

Other Popular Leather Jackets

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While the biker and bomber are by far the most popular and familiar types of leather jacket, we shouldn’t forget that there are others. For example, many men like to wear a fitted, blazer-style leather jacket, as it is a very stylish look that is great for smart-casual occasions.  Then there’s the throwback to American 50’s street style: the varsity jacket. Maybe not so popular these days, however, it’s making a comeback, but this type of jacket is very much a statement and can look good on the right person, and in the right setting. If you click here you will see examples of these and more, and some great ideas on what to wear with leather jackets and other outfits.

Choosing a Leather Jacket

As the above confirms, choosing a leather jacket is not the work of a moment! There are so many different styles, types, and colors to choose from. The question to ask is what do you want it for? If it’s for casual wear, then there’s no doubt the biker jacket and bomber style are the way to go. They are easy to wear with just about any outfit, and you’ll have a great choice of options from designer brands and high street stores. Allsaints and Boda Skins (see this outfit) are two very good recommendations. For the more formal look, why not check out tailored leather jackets? They are very stylish, timeless and can look surprisingly elegant. Leather is a great material to wear and also keeps you warm, so add a leather jacket to your wardrobe now.