How to Save on Your BTO Renovation

In contemporary times, home renovation is available to everyone, no matter how big or small your budget is. Moreover, remodeling plays a key part in improving the home’s look and increasing its value. However, with the availability and demand on the market, BTO renovation packages allow fast and effective home upgrades without having to spend a fortune.

Actually, all you need to do is go online and do your own research by looking for reviews and feedbacks as well as websites specialized in home improvement. If you’re looking for top-notch and affordable offers, you can find a new home BTO renovation package at SwissInterior today. Also, here are some steps to saving more on your project.

Hiring an Interior Designer

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Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that interior designers act as your “middle man”. Their job is to provide floor plans, 3D drawings, and whatever it takes to manage your renovation project. One of the main advantages that interior designers can offer is the availability of in-house contractors who they usually hire to fix various issues connected to the project. In order to save money and time, you can ask your interior designer to do a basic remodeling job for the essential items that you plan on keeping.

Know Who You’re Hiring

Of course, before you finalize your interior design project, you should make sure that your designer has the required experience and expertise in the field. For this reason, you should ensure that your designer’s portfolio pictures are of actually completed works and not just 3D perspectives. What’s more, you should go for an interior design company that offers itemized quotations and provides a clear estimate without hidden costs. You can go online and check for reviews and feedbacks from previous customers.

Tips on Saving Money

If you want to spend less on your remodeling project, you can start by selling the items and furniture you don’t need. Also, there is a Debris and Haulage cost to clear leftover rubbish and loose rubble from renovating your home, which you would have to pay when you apply or a home renovation permit. Not all Town Councils offer this service, so it’s best that you enquire about this service.

Warranty and insurance

Although not connected directly to saving money, working with design companies that offer a warranty can save you a lot of money on unpredicted issues after the completion of the renovation. Also, you should inquire about any insurances during the actual process so as to avoid any work accidents and the possible problems you may face if something actually happens to any of the workers during the renovation process.

Save Money on Home Décor and Other Items

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Buy lighting and furniture from outlets

Obviously, you’ve signed up for a BTO renovation package for the least money possible while preserving the quality of the materials to some extent. So, if you want high-quality items, furniture, and materials, but for a bargain price, then you should look for outlets. A good tip is to wait for certain holidays when the prices of such products go down, and you can buy everything for much less money.

Paint your home yourself

Instead of paying your interior designer to paint your rooms or hire a contractor to do it, you can do the paint job yourself or order wallpapers online. Generally, a typical HDB room takes about three rolls. You can also discuss the idea of buying your own marble or granite countertops so as to achieve a classy look at a lower price.

Buy your own accessories

Last but not least, make sure your renovation package includes accessories like electrical switches, doorknobs, and handles in the package price. If you want to save more money, it’ll be a good idea to talk this over with your interior designer and find and purchase your own accessories in order to avoid getting inflated prices for them.

Final Thoughts

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All in all, we all wish to be able to build a safe haven that we can retreat to after a long day, but the financial side shouldn’t be neglected as things are not as simple as we expect them to be. Home renovations can have a huge impact on our budget, so it’s best to try and spend as little as we can by planning everything on time. If not planned properly, even the best project can take a serious chunk out of our budget. For this reason, if you’re not familiar with interior design and remodeling homes, it’s highly suggested that you seek professional help which can seriously reduce your expenses when going for your BTO package. View more HDB BTO interior ideas in Singapore at today!