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How to prepare for a safari in Tanzania

If you are thinking about going to a safari in Tanzania for the first time, surely you have had many doubts in recent days. Tanzania is undoubtedly one of the best countries to enjoy this experience that will mark you for a lifetime. A place full of incredible natural parks, a wide variety of animals that can be observed with relative ease, excellent tourist infrastructure and good political stability for a safe trip.

Therefore, deciding the route and the destinations that we will visit can be complicated, especially if you have your stay will be limited. But also, you can also raise doubts about which you will need to inform yourself before undertaking your adventure so that everything goes perfect.

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If you hire your safari in Tanzania with you will have it much easier, since our team will solve all your doubts and give you all the advice you may need. But, so that you can have some guidance on how to prepare a safari in Tanzania, here are some tips that we are sure you will find very useful.

How much time is it recommended to dedicate for safaris?

We can dedicate to the safaris the days that we want. Everything depends on the budget you have. We recommend that you devote at least 5 days to touring the most impressive natural parks in the country. And then, if you want to rest, you can dedicate yourself to other wonderful plans in Tanzania, such as spending a few days enjoying the paradisiacal beaches of Zanzibar before returning home.

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What National Parks is best to visit?

According to Tanzania Expeditions, during your trip through the country there are three national parks that are essential:

Lake Manyara National Park: it is one of the quietest and easiest to visit parks. Perfect to start the route, as it will allow you to enter the world of safaris. It is true that it is not the place where you can see more animals, but it is really beautiful.

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Ngorongoro Conservation Area: is a crater in the shape of a boiler that has a diameter of no less than 20 km. A true natural paradise where climatic conditions have created their own ecosystem and that many animals use as a place of passage, allowing an impressive observation of fauna.

Serengeti National Park: one of the most famous parks in the entire African continent. And is that its ecosystem is one of the oldest in the world. Its climatic features, its varied fauna and its exuberant vegetation have hardly varied in the last million years. In this place, you can enjoy a wide variety of animal groups.

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How to go on a safari in Tanzania?

You can find the company you want to take you there in advance, or book a tour once you are there. Perhaps the first option is better because you will not have to think about it once you arrive. Also, you will be able to do a background check on a company and know whether they are reliable. However, finding the company once you are in the country can also be good, because you can ask the locals which is the best one.

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What is the best time to go on a safari in Tanzania?

Any time of the year is good for a safari in Tanzania since every season has its good things and bad things. The important thing is that in all of them we will have the possibility of observing animals and enjoying incredible landscapes. You should bear in mind that the climate in Tanzania is usually dry and hot, with a long rainy season from March to early June and a short one from November to December.

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It is considered high season between June and August since it is the time when it is easier to see animals because they are concentrated in large groups around lakes and rivers and there is less vegetation. The average season runs from September to February, when the weather is quite hot and we can find some short but intense rains. And the low season goes from March to May, when the rains are strong and some routes can become impassable. Yes, the prices are lower.

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