Top Ways How to Open a Lock Without a Key

Home security is always in the first place and that is why we all strive to have safe front doors that will be quality, but we also strive to always be safe or to lock the home. But even though the doors are safe, sometimes there is a danger of an unforeseen and unwanted event such as locking your apartment and not being able to unlock it. Have you experienced the panic and desperation of being locked in your home or can’t open the door as the key is missing? Is the key lost forever or temporarily misplaced? No matter the condition, this will leave you shaken and worried. At the moment the panic is huge, it is followed by a large number of thoughts, a storm of thoughts in which it is not known what to do. But do not worry, everything will be fine because today there is a solution for everything.

On the other hand, you do not always need a key to access your locked door. If you are locked out, keep in mind that a lock is a simple mechanical tool made mainly to keep truthful people honest. If you want to, you are able to look for a way to access your locked door even if you don’t have a key. Below are the best and proven ways to access your locked door without using a key, and all that will be needed is to follow through carefully and see how to do it. Let’s get started!

Use Bolt Cutters

When you are in a situation where you can not enter the house, the first thing you need to do is calm down. Why? Because there is a solution for almost everything, and the proof of that is that if you can not enter the house because you do not have a key you can try with bolt cutters. Using bolt cutters is the fastest way homeowners usually utilize in accessing a standard master lock as the size of the shackle is not that big to make it hard and complex to open. However, bear in mind that there are many types of bolt cutters available, and just dew can be utilized in breaking your master clock. Ensure to pick a bolt cutter that measures 22 inches long to make enough control and power for unlocking. A long bolt cutter can open a lock with a big shackle diameter.

Lock Picking

Lock picking is considered a popular way of opening a lock. This method usually needs a set of lock picks; however, it can also be done using a paper clip.

The steps in lock picking might seem straightforward; however, they really take practice and time to really master. Once you get yourself getting locked out often, this might be a handy skill to have. Many locksmiths utilize this technique prior to trying anything else. You just need two tools, a rake, and a tension wrench.

The initial step is to lock the tension wrench and then rest it on the opposite side from where the key’s teeth usually rest. If you don’t know the way the lock turns, twist the wrench to know the likely direction. This will be the course to switch if the time comes.

Grab the tension wrench turned in the right way and put the rake into the lock where the teeth of the keys go. Push and pull the rake out of the lock, turning it and working by feel. By pushing and pulling the rake, you must feel your key pin reaching the line’s shear. Turn your tension wrench on the right track, and the lock must spring open.

Using Screw and Rod

This is usually utilized for opening locked car doors. But, keep in mind that the screw and rod technique is potentially harming the car door and must only be performed if needed. All you want is a long thin rod made of metal and a screwdriver or any other tough material.

Wedge the tip of your screwdriver in the furrow between the door and the B pillar or portion of the frame, which separates the backseats and the front. If the door cracked, slip the rod inside and push the unlock button on the car’s door panel, unlocking your car electronically. Once more, this method is invasive and can harm your car. So, just use this method when deemed needed.

Using a Knife to Open Locked Door

There are indeed a number of techniques and a number of ways to unlock a door and enter the home, but none is as well known as the technique of doing it with a knife. It is a technique used by many people when they did not have a key to enter the home because they lost it. While utilizing a knife might sound too much, or perhaps negative, a carefully utilized butterknife can obtain the end objective in many ways. Different kinds of locks can be opened by using a dagger or knife in diverse means. Household bathroom doors typically just have a flat keyhole. By simply putting in the tip of your knife and turning does the task instantly; you can also use a coin to do this.

On the other hand, doors with complex keyholes can be accessed by bypassing the keyhole. If there’s enough space between the door jam and door, you can slide a narrow knife blade between. When there, slide the blade down and up to where the plate must be until you reach the bold. Press the knife in and tries to get it in the bold, then pull the bolt out.

You can also use a butterknife to pick the lock instead of paper clips. You can pop the lock open by putting in the knife blade and applying a bit of force in different ways.

Get the Service of a Reliable Locksmith

Whenever we leave the house we need to check if the key is with us, and it is good to check it while we are out because if we do not have a key for the front door of the house with us we could hardly enter. In general, the best thing to open a locked door is the use of a key. Locking yourself out is very shocking and disturbing, but there are effective solutions. If any of the techniques mentioned don’t work, you might end up calling Always try to avoid harming your door or lock, and always bear in mind that professional locksmiths are always here to help. They are just one phone call away.

When you find yourself in a situation where you can not enter the house, it is simply best to find the easiest and fastest way to open the house, ie to open the door and enter. Here are some simple and quick ways to enter the home quickly and without any problem, and all you have to do is look at the best and easiest option for you at the moment and apply it in order to be able to enter the home.