How to Notice When Your Garage Door Needs Repairing

The garage is an important part of our home. It can be used to store things or to park your car. But it needs to work properly for us to use it efficiently. There could be many things that can cause your garage door to malfunction. Equally, there are plenty of fixes available to help you; you could do it yourself, or you could hire a professional to do it for you.

In this article, we are going to tell you how to notice, and what to do, when your garage door needs repairing.

When your garage door won’t open all the way

You might find yourself in a situation where your garage door won’t open all the way up when you use the button on your garage door opener. This can be very frustrating as many people use their garage for parking their vehicle inside. But what could be the cause of it? Well for starters, damaged or rusted rollers are the number one reason why your garage door won’t open properly. Rusty garage door rollers as extremely inconvenient to fix and they add to the problem. One way to solve this issue is to inspect them and lubricate them if need to. Another reason as to why your garage door might not open all the way up is the limit switch for opening the door. The cause for this could be in the remote as the signal might not make it to the motor unit. Another problem could be the garage door springs. These can be harder to fix, so we suggest you need garage door spring repair services.


When your garage door won’t close all the way

Similar problem, but on the different side of the spectrum, is when your garage door won’t close all the way.  Just like the previous problem, when a garage door won’t close all the way, you leave your home exposed to the elements, but also to burglars who can easily enter your property through your garage. Checking the safety sensors should be your priority. They are located on the door track on both sides and require a clear line of sight to function properly. Just as before, the rollers could also be the problem If there is a lot of rust accumulated on them. Furthermore, the limit switch for closing the door could also be the problem.

But what if your remote doesn’t work?

Let’s say you’re parked in front of your garage, you press the button on the remote for your garage door to open, and nothing happens. This is just as frustrating problem as the previous two. Without it, you cannot open or close the garage door.

The first thing to do is to try and get from a closer distance. The signal might be weaker after some time, or it could be blocked by something. But even if that doesn’t work, there is still another way. Most garage doors come with wall switches that are used in the case of you needing to open/close the garage door manually. If the door responds to the switch, then your remote is the problem. Try adding new batteries before you make any unnecessary calls to the repairs. However, if that doesn’t work eighter, then you can check the antenna on the motor unit. But if everything fails, then the most logical thing to do is to take the remote to the repairs.

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