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How to Maximize Your Compound Miter Saw Cuts for Woodworking

When you’re using a miter saw, there are numerous tips to make sure your cuts are perfect and clean, and continuously be accurate. So how do you do it? Well, that’s exactly what this guide is for. We’re going to give you a few tips on how to maximize your miter saw cuts so you can achieve a perfect cut every (or almost every) time.

Grade the Blade

When you’re buying a saw at MiterSawBuzz, they’re normally equipped with a regular 24-40 tooth blade that is normally suitable for things like cutting base woods and framing. Sometimes upgrading your place to a higher toothed blade can make the world of difference and make your cuts more precise and cleaner.  You can learn more about compound miter saws at SawSeekers.

Always Follow Through

When you’re cutting, make sure you follow through with your cuts. Stop for a second at the bottom to get the most out of your cut and eliminate splintering. Then let the saw come to a complete stop at the bottom rather than “double cutting” by raising the saw blade after you’ve cut through your piece.

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Support More

By extending your saw table (make one or put your saw on a larger area), you minimize splintering and there is less of a chance for your wood to fall or tilt. By using a longer support table, you also ensure more safety for yourself and others around you when you have more security for your piece that you’re working with.

Don’t Fight the Cut

When you’re using a miter saw, tougher wood can cause more problems, like flexing of your blades, burning them up, burning the wood more, and can cause your cut to be harder. For harder types of wood, you can easily “ease” into the cut by using start and stops, this is similar to making a relief cut because it eliminates the amount of stress the wood can cause on your blade. And don’t ever fight with it. If you’re pushing too hard, you can damage the blade or yourself. It’s better to ease into it, but also make sure that your cut is going smooth. Let the saw do the cutting and not you.

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Backup When Necessary

You can easily back up your cuts by making sure that support by installing an auxiliary table and fence made of another material, which can help to give some added support. By using the added support, your wood has less chance to splinter when you are pulling the blade to exit the cup.


It’s not necessarily easy to achieve perfect cuts all the time, but with the tips listed above, it can be easier to get the job done right and maintain ultimate safety at the same time. Safety is the most important thing to think about any time you’re using a compound miter saw, even if you have to bevel your cut or use longer boards. If you’re using extremely longboards, even a sawhorse to prop an end on so you can eliminate the risk of the board tipping can help a ton and make the cutting safer and cleaner. And remember, the more teeth you have to chew through the wood, the better and more efficient your cut will be every time. If you are looking for the best woodworking software click here.

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