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How to Make Your Instagram Story Stand Out By Using Visuals

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It would seem that people like to document their lives more and more nowadays through their social media accounts. A simple saying goes in the lines of “If you haven’t posted it, it never happened.”

And there is possibly no better way to document your lives than with Instagram stories. In this article, we are going to tell you how to step up your Instagram story game by using great visuals. Here are some strategies to make the best Instagram stories by Instasize.

1.Connect Your Instagram Stories into One Whole Story


When people visit someplace they take a lot of pictures of it. This is especially the case when they go on vacation. Use the most out of your followers time by offering them something that will make them watch your every Instagram story posted of that place. Find a way to create visual essays by connecting your stories in order to create one big picture. Use bottom text to give out explanations of where you are so that people will get hooked more into watching them.

2.Use Rainbow Effect Text


Make your Instagram stories more interesting by adding text and unique captions. One such option for creating eye-drawing Instagram stories is the rainbow text effect. It will make your stories stand out from the rest and draw a lot of attention because of the wide range of colors. You can use different color combinations and come up with your own variations that will catch the eyes of your followers.

3.Create Highlights


You can always save your awesome Instagram stories by adding them to your highlights. Instagram stories are a great way of attracting new followers, and what way better way for them to see your stories than with highlights? They are excellent for promoting brands and you can gain a lot of new followers through them. MySway is an App where you can use your influence to attract brand names and get rewards for doing so. Just like Instagram, MySway is an App where your follower count can get you a lot of brand deals.

4.Use Stickers for Your Stories


Instagram has a lot of things that you can use to your advantage in order to make the best Instagram stories out there. One such thing is Instagram stickers. They are essentially stickers that you pin to your videos and photos and can be used for your Instagram stories as well. Draw attention to a specific moment in your video, or a specific part of your story, by adding stickers to your videos, pictures, and boomerangs. It’s a fun and creative way to edit your Instagram stories that are both different and interactive.

5.Create a GIF of yourself


Did you know that you can create a GIF of yourself and add it to your Instagram story? Well, now you know and it is an amazing way of attracting the attention of your Instagram followers. To make a GIF of yourself would require you to create a GIPHY account, but it’s easy none the less. It’s a relatively new and fun way that will make your Instagram stories stand out. Adding GIF’s of yourself to your Instagram account will make your follows use your GIF, even more, subsequently you will gain more attraction from other followers who are seeing your fun and interactive GIF for the first time.

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