How to Make Your Electric Scooter Go Faster?

Have you ever wondered why so many people enjoy riding an electric scooter to get around from one area to another? Many people like this way of transportation for a variety of reasons. To begin with, unlike a standard motorcycle or automobile, you do not need a driver’s license to operate it.  Not all scooters are created equal, and many models have slow speeds but great ranges. However, with the option to make a few changes to your existing model, everything is not lost.  You’ll discover how to customize your electric scooter to match your demands as you gain experience and require quicker speeds with the guidance of this article, for your convenience read more.

How to Speed Up an Electric Scooter:

Let’s dive into the diverse responsibilities you can do to build your scooter quicker now that you know the most crucial things to think about before creating any changes. Depending on the type of your scooter and the amenities it has, you have numerous possibilities.

1. Remove the Scooter’s Speed Limiter first

Surprisingly, your electric scooter can reach considerably higher top speeds than you might think; it’s just that you’re probably ignorant of it! What is the reason for this? Simple: An incorporated (and hidden) speed limitation is built into an electric scooter. The methods for removing your speed limiter may vary depending on your scooter type. On the contrary, you’ll need to learn how to use the scooter’s software, which will take some time. It’s recommended to consult your manufacturer’s instructions to figure out what to do.

2. Increase the battery’s capacity

Your scooter’s battery is crucial for supplying power to the motor, and it will not travel swiftly if the charge is low. It is undeniable when your scooter’s battery begins to expire, as you’ll observe much lesser velocity with a minor set charge. Increasing the size of your battery is an excellent approach to boost speeds. You are also relieved to learn that repairing the battery of scooters is less complicated than removing the limiter. Find a storm with an appreciably better charge preserve than now. However,  you require to consider which array is well-suited with the kind of engine in a scooter. If you get a battery that is far too commanding for your motor, forcing you to replace it as well. For electric scooters, 48to -24 volt batteries are standard and depending on the motor wattage. You wouldn’t buy a 48-volt battery for a motor of 200-watt, for example, because there will be a lot of power wasted.

3. Insert a battery

Adding a second battery to your scooter instead of replacing your old one is another option for increasing its speed. It’s comparatively easy to add one more storm to your scooter if the electrical energy from a substitute battery is still inadequate. It’s worth noting that adding another battery to an obtainable one that works fine won’t significantly dissimilar. Another storm will only permit your scooter to maintain its utmost speed for a more extended era. Many commuters find that adding up the next battery to their scooters allows them to receive a far greater charge for long-distance travel.

4. Enhance the Motor


Enhancing your scooter’s motor is one of the most common ways to increase its speed. Because your scooter’s speed is determined by its motor, the better the engine, the faster the scooter will go. There are different types of motors with differing abilities to select from, just like several different types of batteries. You may obtain 200 watts of motors for a reasonable price. You may receive motors with 200 watts at a low cost, while others can reach 8000 watts. Depending on your preferences, designs with a maximum power output of 2000 watts may provide more than adequate speed without being overpowering. Be sure your motor is charge appropriately for the authority you have on the scooter, similar to replacing the battery. If you put in an overpowering coast to your present setup, the batteries may be burned out as the scooter is on track.

5. Improve your aerodynamicso

No one, especially beginners, is involved in ruling added perfunctory mechanisms to adjoin their thrilling scooters. It is especially true when attempting to disable the scooter’s controller via the scooter’s software. Instead, if you increase the aerodynamics of your scooter, you can get a few extra miles per hour.

6. Look for better terrain

When it comes to analyzing the presence of the scooter, there is a general rule of thumb. Most riders agree that you won’t know how powerful it is unless you’re riding on flat, direct terrain that isn’t on a predispose or reject. Finding better ways to obtain to and from wherever you travel is another simple technique to get maximum speeds. Why not take paved bike lanes instead of rough trails, which will relieve the strain on your scooter’s tires?  Alternative routes without severe hills may be preferable, as electric scooters are identified to be deficient when climbing.

7. Tires

The third option is to replace the tires. MTB tires with rough treads should be replaced with tires with smoother treads to reduce rolling resistance.

Mantis 8 modes:


Every rider who wants the beautiful Mantis ride quality with a top speed of 28mph+ values the lighter weight of only 50 lb and does not require dual-motor acceleration should choose the single motor version. Advanced display/throttle combination allows for the speed limit, cruise control, and regenerative braking strength setup, dual disc brakes, and a massive 18Ah battery with a range of up to 30 miles.


For riders who desire more power, a higher top speed (33 mph), a more extended range, and incredible acceleration, the Dual Motor PRO version is the way to go. Change to the single motor mode for a more comprehensive range or dual-motor mode for more power. Advanced torque configurations, cruise control, and ABS are all displayed on the Minimotors display.


Kaaba Mantis 8 Eco, is a powerful and agile machine. It is the newest model that comes with 8′ tires, upgraded engineering, and a single 800W motor to indeed pack a punch. Because of the powerful 48V 18.2A battery, riders may anticipate soaring uphill on inclines of up to 30%. Distance. They all modes meet different needs of speed.


Even if you’re not mechanically inclined, you can be taught how to create an electric scooter go quicker. You can immediately boost your speeds with the help of our recommendations, allowing you to get more out of one of your favorite devices.