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How to Make Money as a College Student: 5 Popular Options

Struggling to get by in college life? It’s expensive, there’s no denying that.

Not only do you have to struggle with student loans but you have to also pay rent and sustain enough money for your daily expenses. An allowance or loan won’t pay for it all.

We’ve got a few suggestions for you to try out, right now! Read our guide below to learn how to make money as a college student. You might even like this article that gives you more options for making money online

1. YouTube

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Learning how to make money as a college student involves ingenuity and creativity. You don’t have years of experience or tons of accreditation yet so you’ll have to look for platforms where those things don’t matter. One good platform for this is YouTube.

YouTube allows you to prioritize creativity and discuss topics that mean a lot to you. You can make a channel focusing on video game reviews, makeup tutorials, memes, and movie news. The platform allows a wide variety of topics and you can earn through ad revenue, sponsorships, donations, and Patreon subscriptions if you stick with it.

2. Loan Signing Agent

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Did you know you can earn money as a loan signing agent? Start by filling out a form to become a notary public and loan, signing an agent. You only have to fill out a form or attend a training seminar for certification.

What does this signing agent do?

They’re the representatives who present documents to people taking out a loan. Banks, lenders, and real estate companies often won’t send their employees and will rely on you to get documents signed by the lending client. You might work for a mortgage, a personal or auto loan.

Your job is to explain the terms of the loan and have them sign. That’s it! You earn for each loan signed.

3. Pet Sitting

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Do you live in a large city bustling with people? If you do, you could earn extra cash taking care of other people’s pets.

You’ll have to walk people’s dogs, make sure cats don’t escape, and double-check to see if they get enough food and companionship. It’s a demanding job but can turn out quite fun with the right pets. You might get a chance to stay in the client’s home and watch your favorite shows on Netflix while guarding their pets.

4. Freelance Work

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Are you great at Photoshop or After Effects? Do you compose music or do you have a talent in creative writing? If you know you’re good at something, don’t do it for free!

Get on sites like Freelancer, Upwork, or Fiverr and offer your skills to clients looking to outsource. You can earn a decent living as a freelancer. It might take a while to build a portfolio and reputation but it pays out in the end.

5. Blogging

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Of course, there is the option to focus on blogging. You could do a travel blog, campus news blog, or entertainment blog and earn via ads revenue. There is also the option to do affiliate marketing and make money through commissions.

The good news is that blogging is free. Sure, you’ll eventually want to invest in plugins and themes to get the most out of blogging but you can at least do it gradually.

Learn How to Make Money as a College Student!

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Don’t know how to make money as a college student? Follow these five tips and you’ll be well on your way to earning extra cash!

Of course, these aren’t the only opportunities available. Check out more of our guides here and discover additional tips and tricks to stay ahead of the game!

Admissions Consulting for High-Schoolers

According to Admissionado, you can try yourself at admissions consulting if you are a college student (better if you are a 3rd or 4th year student). Simply put, it’s how you make the process of getting admitted into a college less painful. Give it a shot. You might become the next expert.