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How to leverage your brand with Instagram in 2019

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These days in the cutthroat technological world the new social media platforms like Instagram are surpassing the older ones like Facebook and Twitter. In order to market your brand, you need to be very active on Instagram.

To get on Instagram is just the beginning. And it’s not a cake walk to blindfold modern and tech-savvy consumers these days. As Instagram is one of the best social media platforms in order to generate leads for your brand.

If you want to grow your brand whether personally or commercially, Instagram can assist you to boost exposure and produce sales. In whatever business you are this social media network can help you to take your business to the next level.

Many of the entrepreneurs all across the globe fail to leverage Instagram because they fail to know the essentials of Instagram marketing. Many industrialists still stick to the use of conventional methods including cold calls, advertisements in newspapers and magazines, etc.

In this digitalized era we have an ocean of opportunities next to us. Techies are creating multiple sources of income digitally from e-commerce, affiliate marketing and social marketing being on the top of the list.

So here we are providing some handy ways to leverage your brand using Instagram.

  • Indulged in with the similar industry/niche-

This is one of the easiest ways to grow your brand. Like, follow and comment to expand your reach on Instagram. You’ll get an enriched exposure for your brand amid making a devoted company of followers that indulged with your posts, in this way it will assist your post or your page to get in front of more individuals and get real Instagram likes.
  • Be persistent-

Be regular with your posting. This means you should create a theme and pattern of your posting, stick to it and try posting at least 4 times a week to be socially active. If you follow a similar fashion of posting then slowly followers will be allured by your postings, and you may get real Instagram likes in return. Your followers will come to know the taste and also you know then better.

  • Post convening content-

Try to put a caption as a call to action in your posts which may compel the users to follow your page and hence boost your followers headcount. Ex- post something and caption it as, ‘like if you like or comment if you are satisfied.’ This will also enhance your engagement along with the likes, shares, and tagging of your followers.

  • Moderate Contests and favors

Everyone likes free stuff. So hosting a giveaway contest can be great in excelling your brand existence along with generating good quality leads. By hosting a giveaway, you may get many quality targeted emails out of which one or two may convert in being your customer and buying a product from you as they spent their time in filling out the information and enrolled in the giveaway.
  • Showcase your brand with the use of My story aspect-

Whenever you get a reward or appreciation from your customers on behalf of the product or services of the customer, then don’t forget to repost their content along with your sweet message. This will assist you to boost accountability and provide valid proof. As you start casting your ride more and more people will be lured to view the progress of your business. Showcase your brand with the help of behind the scenes photos and videos by casting it on my story feature which functions similarly like Snapchat.

There are myriad Instagram stories everyday users and getting a small percentage of it will let you to have countless followers and customers who are keen to get indulged with your brand.

These are some of the handy and outstanding ways to take your brand to the next step leveraging it with Instagram.

Follow these easy ways to get more followers and enhance your brand marketing with Instagram.

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