How To Know A Flirt

You like someone but you are not sure if they like you back and that is a pretty tough position to be in. Especially some people are maybe not that confident or simply anxious when a face to face communication is the matter, so you are not sure if they are friendly or flirty. And that is of huge importance in order for you to make the next move. Someone that is shy might look completely disinterested in you, and that might put you down. That is why you need to start figuring things out by looking at all those subtle signs of flirting.

Yes, there are more than a few signs you should look for when with the person you like that can help you reveal how they feel. These are mostly physical signs that usually go unnoticed, but other behavior habits might be of matter as well. Having this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the possible markers that a person is flirting with you!


How To Know If Someone Is Flirting With You

  1. First and foremost you should look and investigate your behavior. For example, if it is a group meeting take notice if the person starts acting differently once you come and start talking. Does she/he laugh more, talk more or do they look somewhat nervous? These are all the possible signs of a flirt and something you should focus on.
  2. Along with that, if the person makes frequent physical contact with you, it might be a sign of flirting. It is something that a person might do without an obvious intent but is actually a signal that he/she likes you and wants to let you know.
  3. Also, a person that is flirting will try their best for you to notice them. Again if it is a group meeting, they will usually try to get in your line of sight and make themselves the center of your attention. Having this in mind, that person will point their body in your direction.
  4. With texting being one of the main methods of communication chances are you will be able to know when someone is flirting with you. Especially if you come across something that seems like texts cheating (if that person is in a relationship), you should take that as a valid sign that he/she likes you.
source: flirtatious texting
  1. A good sign of flirting if the person gives you sudden compliments, and yet constantly points out weaknesses of their own waiting for your reaction.
  2. One of the most common signs of flirting is when someone tries to keep constant eye contact with you. Of course, we are talking about those sexy looks that aren’t staring but rather glances of interest.
  3. Also, a person that is flirting with you is likely to laugh at your jokes even when you don’t think that those are funny. And they will let you know that they feel good in your presence by being more relaxed and focused on the moment.
  4. Last but not least you should take a look at their social media behavior. Though this doesn’t have to be for certain if they seem to like your posts, photos or stories very soon after you have published the same chances are they are trying to show their interest in you.


Though with some persons figuring out a flirt might not be that simple there are still signs that can reveal them. Take notice on how they behave, and their physical gesture when you are around. Chances are you will be seeing at least some of the above-mentioned signs and that shall give you a boost to make the next move!