How To Get Date Ready This Valentine

The Cupid’s Day is just around the corner and anywhere you look, lovebirds are busy hunting for their flawless gift that will confess their feelings sitting in the bottom of their heart. While we are sure that you will land on such quintessential present, what we are about to discuss here is taking his breath away when he lays his eyes on you. Surprise him with slaying attitude and chic fashion sense, that will make him stumble with fascination. As soon as he looks at you, your divine aura should knock him out of his senses and that won’t take a lot of work on your end, we promise.

Let’s get started.  According to Muchneeded, Trends keep changing every 15 days and to keep with those fashion semblance is too hard if you ask us. No one has time to flip through fashion magazines all day long to keep a check on what’s in and what’s not but here we are to make the task easy. This article covers you from head to toe when it comes to don a swanky style. Pick one in which you are most comfortable and carry it with a smile, cause darling, it’s your killer confidence after all that is going to slay his heart after all.



1. Little White Lacy Dress

LBDs are more common than a white t-shirt these days and almost everyone wants to drench in red when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Instead of black and red, try white, the color of purity and innocence. To add a little zest, go for a lace embedded one. They look so elegant and also exude a dash of jazz.

2. Metallic Top

Yes, but please, refrain yourself away from gold and silver. Opt for copper tones, rose gold, bronze hues or any other metallic shade the suits you best. They are sexy, party-ready and speak volumes about your voguish fashion trends.

3. Pastel Sweaters

Don’t let the cold ruin your romantic date night. Pick a pastel sweater off the shelf with ruffles, knots, pom-pom or any embellishments to spice up the evening. Pastels are in-trend and they will never let you down when paired with right bottoms.



1. Pearl Embellished Jeans

If you don’t have one already, make a run for it today. Blue hues or black shades, when these denims are studded with faux pearls all over, it emanates some extra flair to the outfit. With metallic tops or pastel sweaters, they are here to uplift the look of the evening.

2. Midi Length Skirts

Favourite of the Royals, this skirt will make you look like a true fashionista. Try to pick one with embroidery on the hem or lacey trims on the flare for the evening number. They impart an elegant aura to the outlook and brings out the graceful persona of a woman.

3. Plaid Skirts

Since ages, these skirts have proven their worth as one of the most glam garbs that one should own. Practically, they have never been out of trend and every time they are paired with the fitted body suit they cast magic which makes heads turn in envy. A red plaid skirt with a fitted black bodysuit is the time honoured yet a contemporary du jour that no one could take eyes off from.



1. Metallic Heels

We bet, try to beat this one! No matter what colourpalette your outfit is, pastel or metallic, bold dark hues or charming light shades, this one is in existence to make every outfit worthwhile. They are so powerful in the fashion world nowadays that they alone could make you look party-ready in no time. Try to lay your hands on one with a little embroidery or self-woven textures to add some extra chic in your look or just leave them as they are and let them steal the show altogether.

2. Ballerina Shoes

If heels are too much work for you, then go for this novelty which is comfortable enough to walk a mile and classy enough to bring a swish touch to the outlook. When you are thinking of Valentine, think of golds, embroidery and embellishments to give a dressy twist to the simplicity itself.

3. Ribbon Sneakers

Ditch those laces in your party shoes and try new ribbon sneakers, that will add a modish flair to your evening outfit. Even if you do not wish to buy new shoes just but shoe ribbon and put into your white or black sneakers and let the date begin with him realizing that he is dating a fashion diva.



1. Statement Earrings

Remember, too many accessories is a big no-no when it comes to dressing classy. Just put on minimalistic but classy jewellery but not all at once. You can never go wrong with a pair of statement earrings complimenting your ensemble.

2. A Beautiful Pendant

Minimal and classy, this one is sure to steal his heart away. Pick one to go with your outfit and let this cutesy piece of jewellery work its charm. Avoid heart shape and religious tones in this one.

3. A Dapper Watch

This accessory has the power to complete your outlook without any help from jewellery. Metal strap and a single shade dial, will compliment your outfit and lend a beauteous touch to it. Opt for colors like rose gold, midnight blue, black and make sure you pick a chronograph as they are supposed to elevate your sense of style and fashion without any hard work.


As you are getting ready to make him skip a heartbeat, make sure you have chosen a swanky Valentine gift for him too because when it comes to Valentine gifts, you love should be showcased in a classy manner rather than a cheesy one. Other than that, use your imagination as the present doesn’t have to be a clothing piece, but be sure to get something original. If you need something unique, you definitely should check what Personalized by Kate has to offer as, according to their advice, it can bring an interesting inscription that will mean a lot to your partner.