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How to find your Celebrity Doppelganger

In one point in your life, you have probably wondered, “what celebrity do I look like?”, and studies suggest that there are at least seven people on the entire Earth that look like each other, so how says that one of the seven cannot be a celebrity? Everyone wants to say that they look like a celebrity, however, you will first need to find them. There are various online quizzes that can help you with finding your celebrity look alike. All you will have to do is provide a selfie and let the program do the search. Here is a list of applications and programs that you can use to find your celebrity doppelganger:

1. Celebrity Look-Alike

Like every time we are searching for applications, our search began in the app store. And, most results that we go were, in fact, for celebrity doppelgangers, so the first application that we tried was quite appropriately named – Celebrity Look Alike. The first thing you will have to do is upload a selfie, then the app will ask you to choose from a wide range of choice, from celebrity chefs to models. I ended up choosing the actress category and ended up getting Victoria Justice. I have to say, that is not a bad start.

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2. Looky

This app is quite similar to the previous one and Looky will also match you with your famous doppelganger. It is relatively easy to use, and like all apps that will match you with your look alike, you will need to provide a picture of yourself. This time, I wanted to see to what male celebrity I will be matched with and I was quite surprised (and a bit shocked) when I got Milo Ventimiglia. I mean, he is a great actor, but I just do not see the similarities.

3. Twinlets

I found this online program to be quite amusing! It will not really find your celebrity look alike, but instead, it will give you a picture of a person that looks nothing like you! According to the site, it runs your face against 150 million people in order to find your twin, however, I think that this program was only created for people to have fun. If you want to have some fun while searching for you look alike, this is perhaps the best website that you could try.

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4. StarByFace

I really liked using this website, because it is user-friendly, fast, and quite accurate. It will run your face against the StarByFace database and will provide a list of celebrities both male and female. It also has the “best match” category where you can see your best matches for both female and male celebrities. Once the celebrities are next to each other, you can actually see how much they look like each other, as well as how much you look like them. When it comes to the female celebrities, my best match was Kaya Scodelario and my best match for the male celebrity was Brenton Thwaites.


As you were able to read, there are various applications and online website where you can find your celebrity doppelganger. So, do not waste any more time and start searching for your celebrity look alike!

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