How to Cover Acne Scars with Makeup

Acne and their scars are one of the worst and most annoying things a person has to deal with. Whether you are just a teenager or if you are a full-grown adult, this skin disease can appear anytime out of nowhere. What is even worse about this skin condition, is the fact that they can leave permanent marks on your face.

Some people are lucky enough and will heal through their acne phase in just a couple of weeks while others will have problems with it for months or even years. The longer you have them, the worse are the scars they leave behind them.

However, battling acne is not easy. No matter what you try to use, whether it is herbs, creams, or some kind of magical cure, they persist on and on until they finally start disappearing out of nowhere. But, the physical marks they leave on your face can be permanent. Some have tried healing their skin with all kinds of creams or with laser surgeries. Unfortunately, this does not work with everyone.

Assuming that you are one of those people that simply cannot make these marks go away then your only of hiding them is with makeup. Thankfully, makeup is an easily accessible product and can be quickly applied in just a couple of minutes, but you probably know that. What you want to know is how to properly hide your acne scars before you go to work or to school.

This article will tell you how to do just that. Here is some advice that we have for you that will help you with this problem.

Your skincare routine comes first

Before filling your face with all kinds of makeup products, you should first ensure that you have properly finished your skincare routine in the morning. Not only will this provide you with all the needed nutrients to keep your face healthy, but it will also serve as a layer of protection, to prevent the makeup from causing any kind of problems such as irritations or rashes. Once you are done with your early morning routine, you can start moving to the next steps.

Keep in mind, there are some skincare products that do not mix well with makeup. If you are looking for a skincare product that will combine well with your makeup, you should check out aquaplus.

Grab the primer

Most people out there like to grab the concealer or their corrector first and apply directly onto the scars. This does work, but it is not as effective and may start showing at the end of your day. You will need to prepare first before applying any products with a stronger effect such as the corrector. So, the first thing you will need to do is grab the primer.

A primer is the best thing you can use to start smoothing out the places on your skin that are obviously scarred. It will blur out all of those blemishes. We would recommend that you only apply it to the area that needs it the most and not on your whole face. This layer will do a good job of hiding blemishes and will probably last you through the entire day.

It’s time for the concealer

One of my biggest personal problems with scarring is the fact that they vary in color. Some are light brown, others are very red, and some are the color of my skin which complicates things a bit. You can’t just grab any color concealer you want and expect that everything will look perfect and balanced. What you will need to do carefully apply different colors to cancel out those that do not belong. When dealing with a lot of redness, you should go with a darker green concealer and when working with discolorations, you should probably try using yellow or light orange.

I would recommend that you at least have a few test stages before you go out. See which colors work the best for you and how much is enough for your skin.

Apply a bit more concealer

Once you are done fixing all of those imperfections and differentiation in the color of your face, you can start applying the flesh-tone concealer all over the face. The best way to go about this is to apply this one to those areas you already worked with to fix the colors because applying it all over your face will be too obvious.

Time for the foundation

Once you have finally made your skin look a bit normal like it doesn’t have any kind of scars or blemishes, you can start applying your favorite foundation. This is the base that will help you continue adding more layers of makeup. Carefully apply the foundation all over your face with light touches. It is very important that you use light touches to ensure that all of the other layers you added previously to stay perfect. You do not want all of that work to go to waste, right?

Setting spray

After adding all of these products, we recommend that you add a bit of setting spray to ensure that all of that makeup stays in one place. You do not want your scars to start revealing in the middle of the day once you start sweating, right? Keeping everything in place is vital.

Finishing touches

Naturally, after hiding all of that scarring on your face, you can start with your regular makeup routine. Start by adding a bit of lipstick to make your lips really pop. Go with a bold color to really make it stand out. Add a bit of mascara at the end to give your eyes a sharper look.

By purchasing all of these makeup products and following all of these steps that we mentioned above, you will surely manage to properly hide all of your scars on your face. You won’t have to worry about the damage from those acnes ever again if you follow this routine in the morning.

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